Build | 25 March 2020

Quiet Comfort- the Importance of Acoustic Insulation

by Carlisle Homes

The decisions you make about two specific building materials can have an incredibly positive impact on your quality of life.

It’s not as exciting as choosing paint colours or facade finishes, but there are two building materials you should seriously consider when planning your dream home, ones you might never even see, but which could have an even greater impact on your daily life. High-density plasterboard and acoustic insulation are designed to minimise the transmission of sound through walls, and between upper and lower floors in double-storey homes. They’re available as upgrades on all Carlisle homes, and will help you achieve true peace and quiet in your new home.

Why a quiet home is a happier home
The best way to appreciate the value of these materials is to consider scenarios where unwanted noise can be a nuisance. You’re immersed in a tense TV drama in the media room when your partner starts whipping up a storm with a hand-mixer in the kitchen. You’re (enthusiastically) watching an AFL nail-biter while your kids are catching up on study. Perhaps they have friends over and are bouncing around in an upstairs bedroom while you want to read a book downstairs. Or worse, you’re having a well-deserved sleep-in… when your neighbour fires up their lawnmower.

In each situation, it’s fair for everyone to be able to continue with their activity (okay, maybe not the neighbour!), but the only way it can happen without causing angst is if your house is built to minimise the transmission of sound. Carlisle Homes makes this possible for our customers by partnering with two of Australia’s construction industry leaders, Gyprock and CSR Bradford.

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Controlling noise with high-density plasterboard
Superchek is a higher-quality plasterboard designed to reduce the transmission of both airborne sound and impact noises. It features a specially formulated dense core that creates a robust physical barrier between rooms, so raised voices in one room will sound muffled and be barely audible in the next, and it can be applied just like standard plasterboard, to both walls and ceilings. Plus, it’s made with tougher face paper to substantially increase its resistance to dents, scuffs and scrapes from things such as furniture and school bags.


The cost-effective benefits of acoustic insulation
Acoustic insulation is fitted during construction into the cavity at the centre of your home’s walls, and works by absorbing sound, preventing it from passing through the wall. Carlisle Homes uses Soundscreen high-density acoustic insulation, which can be installed between rooms, between floors in double-storey homes, and also in external walls, to keep out disruptive noise from passing vehicles and, yes, lawnmowing neighbours!

How to choose Superchek and Soundscreen for your home
For maximum acoustic performance, Superchek and Soundscreen can be installed in tandem throughout your home. But depending on your requirements, you might choose just high-density plasterboard, or just acoustic insulation. And you can also consider installing them strategically, around rooms where you feel that controlling sound is particularly important, such as bedrooms, a study or a media room.

These decisions are made during the Spectra Colour Selection process, with one-on-one support and guidance from Carlisle Homes’ expert design consultants, ensuring that you get the best possible result matched to your personal needs and budget.

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Enquire about our exciting promotions today or visit a Carlisle display home via a private booking. Alternatively, if exploring in the comfort of your own home is preferred, take a virtual tour to find your perfect home design.

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