2 September 2015

Our top 8 spring ideas and shopping hints

by Carlisle Homes

Melburnians are known to be a bit weather obsessed, but seriously – SPRING IS HERE!

Blue sky is peaking through, blossoms are appearing and the gloom of grey old winter has begun its retreat. It’s time to open up the doors and windows and let the spring air freshen everything up. Time to be reunited with colour as the sun starts to shine again - everyone feels better after a dose of vitamin D! 

Flexibility in your styling can be a great way to keep your home fresh and exciting, small seasonal changes can have a huge impact, keeping your guests wondering how you do it! It doesn’t have to be about how much you spend on accessories but more about having an eye for what works, think layering and pop up style rather than ‘out with the old in with the new’. The recent flurry of home improvement shows on TV has shown us that we can all have a dynamic style and easily change the look of a room with some affordable pieces, perfect for seasonal decorating!

We are excited to share our Top 8 Favourite Spring Ideas and Shopping Hints for your home, be prepared to be inspired!

Cushions and Throws

The humble cushion is the obvious choice for adaptable styling, a pop of colour can instantly change a monochrome look or a texture can add a layered affect. And, with an official cushion war going on between homewares suppliers, these little gems no longer cost the earth. To us spring cushions are all about colour, plant life and animals! 


Check out the new Broadway on display at Mernda villages for some layered cushion and coloured throw inspiration. The geometric shapes of the Rebecca Judd Loves for Adairs cushion in spring pastels add structure to this living space in the brand new Piermont at the new Aston Estate, Craigieburn. 


When shopping for new seasonal accessories don’t get too caught up in thinking room by room, gather items you like and then find a home for them, this way you have great versatility in your styling. Love the zebra cushions from Target at the new Piermont at the new Aston Estate, Craigieburn.


Adding small accessories to shelves, coffee tables and benches can add a breath of fresh air to a room. You can even rotate features through different rooms to keep the look dynamic.  Arranged in groups of three or combining contrasting textures can create an interesting feature. 


Geometric candle holder and Flask Vase from Kmart (images sourced from Instagram) and metallic trinkets from Lisa T for Target.


A bit of accessory delight and the slick look of marble from our new displays at new Piermont at the new Aston Estate.


Horticultural and floral artwork just screams springtime and as a recognised symbol for life it can definitely freshen up any space.  Check out some other ideas for plant inspired art in our Indoor Plants blog.  


We love the idea of living artwork with the Copper Wall Planter from Kmart. What represents spring more than butterflies, see these pastel beauties at the Embleton  at Rosenthal Estate in Sunbury and get back to basics with the botanical imagery artwork at the Radisson at the NEW Aston Estate in Craigieburn.  

Trending right now are adult colouring books, therapy for the soul, distraction for the stressed and a link to childhood memories. They also make fantastic DIY artwork for your home! Most booksellers are now stocking these, or print directly from internet and invest in some good pencils and coloured markers.


Secret Garden Colouring book, Danielle’s work in progress and colouring book collection from Kmart.

Bed style

While the cooler months are all about greys and charcoals with fur throws and woollen cushions, welcome the new days of spring with fresh white linen with pops of your favourite pastels. Or go all out with a seasonal linen set which could be new or upcycled from last year with some new bold primary colour or calming pastel sheets. 


Fresh and light Country Road linen or liven it up in the bedroom with the bright colours of the Bettina from Bed Bath n Table.

Copper glamour

Been wanting to venturing into the warmth and glamour of copper styling and looking for an excuse? Spring is here! Copper accessories can make a room shiny and new, perfect for the change in seasons. Choose items that can be used in several rooms to give you the flexibility to change things up and be careful not to overdo the look, subtlety with this striking item is best!


A visit to the new Regent on display at the Rosenthal Estate in Sunbury is a must for some copper inspo.

 The animal kingdom

With the spring season being all about life and new beginnings we pay tribute to the innocence of the animal kingdom through artwork, cushions and accessories.


Be inspired by our animal friends featured in our new displays in the new Radisson at the NEW Aston Estate, Craigieburn. You can include these finds in your styling by checking out Oz Design Homewares.

Inside out living

Warmer days and nights means making the most of our outdoor spaces. Don’t leave your alfresco and balcony areas out of the spring styling project they deserve some colour too! You can’t go past the new brightly coloured homewares collection from KMart, that Acapulco Replica Chair is the bomb! And the dreamy elegance of the alfresco in the brand new Embleton on display at the Rosenthal Estate in Sunbury with classic wicker furniture is a must see.


Planter pots

Our Indoor Plants blog gave you the low down on the best green friend for your home, now we explore pots and stands, with a twist! We found these pastel chalkboard planters online at West Elm, perfect for kitchen bench top herbs as you can label them, in case the apprentice chef is on duty! KMart planter pouches are so versatile and look great with the glossy green foliage, and also a good option to style with colourful fruit or even on their own. How about these divine hanging white wall planters we have at our Piermont on display at the new Aston Estate, Craigieburn, you can pick these up from Pillow Talk.


In a throwback to our tribute to indoor plants we had to feature some new finds! These terrariums in black and gold from West Elm add a touch of glamour to a table and can be a great topic of conversation at your next dinner party!



Terrariums from West Elm, post and planter stands from Hunting for George and Ivy Muse

To experiment with themes and find your perfect signature interior style make sure you check out our new Inspire by Carlisle.  Be prepared to lose track of your time while you customise your home by choosing paint colours, bench tops, tiles and much more AND see it change in front of your eyes with Visualiser!  Explore the Carlisle Collections to get the low down on feature items for each of our unique display home themes, and build your own Moodboard to create a visual diary of all the ‘must haves’ for your new place.  And, because we promise you, you will be coming back for more, you can save all your favourites in your own Inspiration Book to share with friends and continue to refine, over and over again!

 For a behind the scenes experience and to get the scoop direct from the design team, be sure to follow us on Instagram, @Carlislehomes.

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