Build | 10 December 2020

Now’s the Time to Build

by Carlisle Homes

If the horrors of lockdown have had you thinking about upgrading the size of your home and the priorities in your lifestyle, then here’s some great news. Now is an excellent time to make the move and invest in your dream home.

Living in a house that has larger, light-filled rooms, a backyard and gardens and is surrounded by parklands and lots of fresh air can go a long way towards increasing well-being and mental health – something we should all be focusing on in these strange times. Happily, there are many financial incentives that make this the right time to build.

For first home buyers, the tax cuts and government-backed incentives on offer could give you what you need to get into the property market sooner and be one step closer to your dream home. Pictured is the generous backyard of Rutherford.

Interest rates are low and the recent Federal Government’s Budget for 2021 announced a series of significant tax cuts for middle income earners. These welcome savings all mean extra cash flow for you to put towards your new home deposit or towards paying off your mortgage faster than what you might have expected. Find out how these tax cuts impact your bank balance here.

There are several very generous additional government-backed incentives to make buying and building as enticing as possible.

If you are a first time homeowner there are four schemes and exemptions available to help people in exactly your position. You can read more about those here.

If you are already a property owner but want to increase your investment in the market by building another home, the highly successful HomeBuilder scheme has just been extended until 31 March 2021. Already 27,000 Australians have taken advantage of this programme with this recent extension opening the door for an additional 15,000 grants to be awarded. You can find out about how you can apply for the HomeBuilder incentive here.

Now is the perfect time to create that relaxing home sanctuary you desire without the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle. Pictured here is Rutherford.

With all these government funded programmes to encourage new homes, from a financial perspective building right now makes so much sense. But from a lifestyle point of view, the case is even more compelling. If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that the size of your home can make a huge difference to your overall comfort levels. Having the room for you and your family to come together but also to have your own space means that your home really can become a sanctuary. No matter what happens in the increasingly hectic and unpredictable outside world, your home will be the retreat you need to ensure you always have a more relaxed lifestyle and peace of mind.

Building your dream home presents the opportunity to include dedicated spaces for work and rest, which is especially important as we are spending more than ever in our homes. Pictured is the Activity room in Rutherford.

In this world of the “new normal”, working from home has become far more common and acceptable even in the most corporate of environments. Opting for a larger house means you can have the additional rooms to set up a home office so you can be there when the kids come home from school or to walk the dog or water your veggie patch in the middle of the day.

Relocating to a master planned community also has the additional benefits of providing you with a completely self-contained lifestyle. Gone are the days where you lived out in the suburbs but had to commute into the city for work, shopping and schools. Today, residential developments are expertly designed to encourage you to stay close to home. If you make the smart choice to build in one of these areas, not only will you be purchasing a newer and larger house, you will be building in a neighbourhood that is surrounded by parklands, playgrounds, schools and comprehensive retail and commercial precincts with shopping, medical facilities and restaurants. And you can be assured that your neighbours are people who value the same lifestyle choices you are making.

Master planned communities are expertly designed to offer a superb lifestyle, surrounded by nature, quality homes and equipped with all the conveniences you would expect in a larger community.

Whether you are thinking about your need for space or to move out of the big smoke, buying and building now has never been more accessible.

To find out more, call Carlisle Homes on 13 26 27 or visit one of our many display homes across Melbourne.

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