Choosing Your Home, Building Your Home | 2 May 2014

New Spectra videos now showing…

by Carlisle Homes

If you’ve chosen your new home or about to build, check out our NEW Spectra Selection Centre videos and images for a little inspiration…

You can view all eight SPECTRA Selection Centre videos here, featuring:

  • Electrical: including lighting, home theatre, surround sound and security options.

  • Internals: featuring a range of colour schemes for your walls, benches, and cabinetry.

  • Exteriors: including bricks and roofing.

  • Flooring: featuring a range of tiles, timber floor boards and more.

  • Kitchens: both modern and traditional. 

  • Bathrooms: in all different styles.

  • Living Green: featuring the latest in solar hot water, storage tanks, thermal insulation and double glazing.

It’s Time To Choose

So now it's time to bring your new home to life by making your choices about your new home style. This is where the Spectra Selection Centre comes in!

Spectra Selection Centre offers an inspirational colour showroom with hundreds of exterior and interior choices, along with a vast range of fixtures and fittings to choose from for your dream home.

Our resident interior designers are on hand to guide you.

We want to make your experience of choosing your home interior and exterior selections as easy as possible and ensure you are 100 per cent happy with the decisions you've made.

To help guide you through your Colour Selection appointment, our resident interior designers will give you advice and feedback every step of the way. As professional home interior designers, they have an abundance of knowledge, experience in the field and will offer their expert advice to you.

Decorating Decisions

Decorating decisions can sometimes come down to one major detail - the colour palette. This decision will affect just about everything else in a room, from the floors to the ceiling.

It’s a big decision, but there’s no need to be overwhelmed.

Here are few quick tips to get you started on colour choice:


  • Select three shades of the colour you want: where you think you want to be, and one shade lighter and one shade darker. Do this with paint, wallpaper, or fabric swatches. Put the samples in two places, next to the window and in a darker corner. Look at them at different times during the day and at night. Then make your decision.
  • We recommend choosing one or two colours throughout the house, and then mix in other accent colours with accessories and furniture.
  • Bold colours can become tired, very quickly. If you really like a strong, bold colour, use it as an accent. Bold colours are often attractive because they are the colour of the moment; this can quickly date a room.

Visit Spectra

Want to take a look around inside Spectra before you decide? Give us a call on 03 9560 1779 to book an appointment to see the Spectra Selection Centre today. We are open 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Spectra is open Saturday, by appointment only.

Evening event

Alternatively, you can book in for one of our Spectra Sneak Peek Nights which are held throughout the year, see our Seminars page for dates and times and to reserve your spot.


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