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Mastering the perfect bedding style

by Carlisle Homes

Apparently we spend almost a third of our lives in bed, so it makes total sense to spend some design time styling your linen.  No longer will the basic doona cover and two pillow combination do the job, take inspiration from luxurious hotels from around the world as we take you through our top bed styling tips and share our favourites from our display homes.

Choosing the linen
Sleep like a baby and invest in good quality sheets and doona covers that will stand the test of time and the washing machine! Percale is always a good all-rounder with a crisp feel that washes really well and best of all is wrinkle resistant! Percale thread counts of 225 up to 500 will provide a luxurious hotel feel to your bed and the natural fibre of cotton is ideal to control moisture and regulate body temperatures all year round.

Choosing a solid neutral colour for doona covers provides a great base palette to add colour through different sheet and pillow combinations. Plus, you then have the flexibility to refresh your look with the change of seasons during the year, or just because you feel like it!

ResizedImage600399 Picture1

The Cambridge at the Atherstone Estate is one of our favourites with the classical look of a white doona cover and valance for a fresh and simple style.  Have to mention our favourite Marigold floor rug by Armadillo & Co…

Pillows and cushions
First rule: you can never have too many pillows!
Second rule: there are no rules for pillow arranging!
Without a doubt it’s the pillows that will create the statement in your bedroom, if they aren’t then you don’t have enough! Try pillows of different shapes, oversized European square pillows create the perfect backdrop for smaller sizes. Mix solid colour pillows and cushions with patterns, geometric designs with stripes, interesting pictures with inspirational quotes. Eclectic is definitely in vogue right now, mix and match for your own signature look. To create different effecrs, stack your pillows on top of each other, play it safe with the traditional horizontal propping or go for an interesting look by combining both styles!




Check out the mix of patterned, checked and striped pillows in the Arlington at the Warralily estate, maybe this last pillow was thrown on

the bed on the way out the door! The bold mix of geometrics and patterns are anchored by the Euro pillows at the bank of the Ashwood at the Atherstone estate.

Going for a layered look to your bedding style adds depth and visual interest to your room. Not only do you add a dimension of texture and colour, but warmth and comfort is emphasised with luxurious layers of throw rugs, decorative quilts and warm blankets – perfect for snuggling as the nights become cooler!


Multiple layers in different colours and textures create a luxurious feel for the master suite in the Canterbury at the Somerfield estate.


The casual placement of the white faux fur throw in the Vaucluse at the Somerfield estate add a touch of unstructured romance to this stunning room. 

It’s not for everyone, some prefer the perfect order of straight lines and perfect balance, but give an asymmetrical look a try! Combine the cushions in an even way, place the decorative throw at an angle and turn down one side to create an inviting and interesting style that could change slightly each day for a dynamic look!


We love the moody tones of the Albany at the Featherbrook estate, with a dark quilt cover adorned with a bold striped rug and an abundance of haphazardly placed pillows and cushions.

We can hear teenagers around the world saying, ‘Finally!’ Yes the messy style bed seems to be the look to go for, particularly partnered with clean simple lines like the Scandinavian feel of the Indiana at the Featherbrook estate. The key to nailing the de-constructed messy style is lots of layers, arrange blankets and throws so that they come from different angles and consider draping at different levels. The Indiana combines the casual turned down doona with a slightly rumpled faux fur for a layered free flowing styling that works perfectly with the minimalist room style and pretty beckons you to jump right in!



Textured style
Combining different textures and materials creates the perfect partner for the clean lines of neutral quilt cover. The interesting oversized knitted cushions in the Riva at Berwick Waters enhance the focal point of the textured wall hanging, creating a link to the lovely reading corner that just works so well!



There are just so many bedding styles we love from our display homes, we just have to share some of our all time favourites!

We love…
ResizedImage600355 Picture9

The Claremont at Eucalypt estate


Indiana at the Somerfield estate


Montpellier at the Selandra estate


Sanctuary at the Somerfield estate

Where to buy
A shopping reconnaissance mission to the bedroom specialists, Adairs and Bed Bath N Table is a must, they always have great looking window displays for further inspo. Also worth checking out Target and Ikea, perfect for occasional cushions at great prices. If you know the look you are going for do it all from home, here are some sites to try:

To experiment with themes and find your perfect signature interior style make sure you check out our new Inspire by Carlisle. Be prepared to lose track of your time while you customise your home by choosing paint colours, bench tops, tiles and much more AND see it change in front of your eyes with Visualiser! Explore the Carlisle Collections to get the low down on feature items for each of our unique display home themes, and build your own Moodboard to create a visual diary of all the ‘must haves’ for your new place. And, because we promise you, you will be coming back for more, you can save all your favourites in your own Inspiration Book to share with friends and continue to refine, over and over again!

For a behind the scenes experience and to get the scoop direct from the design team, be sure to follow us on Instagram, @Carlislehomes.

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