Building Your Home | 9 June 2017

Locking in your price is easy

by Carlisle Homes

The decision to buy or build a new home is such a milestone, regardless of whether you are a first home buyer, upgrading your family home, or even adding to your investment portfolio. For most of us, it is the biggest financial decision we will ever make. For those that haven’t embarked on the process yet, building a brand-new home can add another level of involvement as setting a budget can seem daunting and hard to define. In addition, if your land hasn’t reached title stage yet, the timeline is not set in stone, which can make planning tricky.

Something you probably don’t know is that while you may be under the impression your Fixed Price Contract with your builder is timeless and lasts forever, this is most often not the case

'Enabling our customers to feel confident and secure in their purchase decision is an important element of our overall service philosophy. By giving customers the ability to lock in their EasyLiving home and land package price, it removes the financial worry about potential ongoing price rises' John Doulgeridis, Carlisle Homes Managing Director.

Carlisle continue to lead the market in customer-focused solutions by offering a PRICE LOCK for EasyLiving site starts up to March 2019, for all new customers. And, here’s our top reasons why you should choose a builder who can offer you this price security;

#1 Lock in your base price 
If your land title is forecast for 2018 or 2019 and you think you have lots of time to shop around and find the right design, you are right, but home prices are on the rise as market demand continues to escalate for materials and trades. Whilst your budget may stay the same, home prices may increase which means you will have less left in your pocket for customisation and styling when you do make the purchase decision.

#2 Lock in the current promotion 
Sales promotions are only available for a limited time. By locking in your promotion, you not only confirm today’s house price but also the value add promotion being offered, they go hand in hand…

#3 Secure the home design you love 
Continuous innovation and product development is a key focus for Carlisle. Based on collating customer feedback and exploring local and international trends, the design range continues to grow with new and improved designs. However, as new designs join the range, other designs leave to make way for product innovation, further reason to lock in your price to secure the home design and floor plan you have fallen in love with.

#4 Start designing 
Of course, the longer you have to make a decision, sometimes the more you can over-think it and become overwhelmed with information. Locking in your EasyLiving package price can provide you with the assurance you have today’s price and promotion, and your chosen design is locked in – time to start planning life in your new home, shopping for styling ideas, and getting a head start on your savings!

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