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John Doulgeridis announces Carlisle Community Grants program

by Carlisle Homes

lWe’re building more than just homes.
Carlisle establishes Community Grants project.

As a company that is working in new areas and suburbs of greater Melbourne and Geelong, Carlisle Homes understands how important building a strong local community is. Which is why we’re very proud to launch a new Community Grants program.

Yes, it’s about giving back to the community, but it’s also about turning words into action. One of the Directors at Carlisle Homes, John Doulgeridis, has said that they’ve always been community focused at Carlisle, but our Community Grants program is a tangible way for us to really get involved.

So, what exactly is the Carlisle Homes Community Grants program?

In a nutshell, it’s an effective way for us to support local ‘grass roots’ community initiatives. In every Community Grants cycle, local not-for-profit organisations are invited to submit applications and if successful your project could share in up to $50,000.

Imagine how that could help transform your community!

Eligibility is simple. If you’re involved in a local not-for-profit community group or sporting club and want help getting a project off the ground, then you’re welcome to apply for a grant. It could be in sports and recreation, health and caring, education and training, or other community fields.

How are the applications judged?

Put simply, all applications are judged on merit, but there are some key criteria to keep in mind. For example, the level of benefit your project will have to your local community, the originality of the project, its ability to be completed within a year, the number of Facebook “Likes” that get generated for the project, and whether or not the budget for the project is realistic.

How do I apply, and where do I apply?

Applications are now open for the current Carlisle Community Grants cycle which will be judged from the 30th June this year.

Applying is easy. You’ll first need to ‘Like’ Carlisle Homes on Facebook, then click on the Community Grants tab. From there, it’s simply a matter of clicking through to the Application Page and completing details about your Community Project, your community organisation and some representative contact details.

Then, make sure you get as many people in your community to support the project through the Carlisle Homes Community Grants Facebook page. You can also regularly log in to manage your application over the coming months.

We know we build great houses, now we want to help you build great communities.

If you have any questions about Carlisle’s Community Grants, please post your comment to this Blog page or send us an email to communitygrants@carlislehomes.com.au

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