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Individual style with bedside lamps

by Carlisle Homes

When designing your bedroom style, don’t leave your bedside lamp to last, instead use it to anchor your individual style to set your room alight, literally. We will show you how to choose pieces that will not only service the area functionally, but set the mood and stamp your signature on your chosen interior style and compliment the area with elegant ambience.

Into the Blue
Keep memories of clear skies and summer nights alive all year round with these dreamy designs. Hues of blue will ensure your bedroom has that zen atmosphere and set the tone for a breezy, light filled area that will give you the Hamptons crisp and fresh look all year round.


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Maximising Minimalism
Capitalising on the international Scandinavian minimalist trend, it’s easy to keep your bedroom clutter free without compromising on style and originality. Bedside lamps can be the statement piece or blend in seamlessly within the colour palette and the décor of your room. Marble and cooper accents are subtly infused and beautiful pops of lively, green colour, lift the space to a whole new level of simplistic sophistication.


Images found at (left) Broadway as display at Mernda Villages (middle) (right) Indiana as display at Somerfield Estate Keysborough

Patterns on cue
Create an eye catching focal point with on trend patterned base for your bedside arrangement. Be safe and pair with solid partner colours or go bold and marry pattern with pattern for vibrant style that will have you bounding out of bed with energy every day.

blue 3

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European Classics
If you want your bedroom to scream European excellence, then look no further than a bedside table and a glass or chrome based, bedside lamp. This combination is timeless elegance at its best and works well with picture frames, sculptures, candles, blooms or classic antique trinkets. This particular look, melds into classic or modern interior design superbly and gives the room that definitive, wow factor.


Images found at (left) Cromwell as displayed at The Address, Point Cook (middle) (right) Monaco as display at Aston Estate Craigieburn

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