Finance | 16 December 2020

How a New House Can Save You Money Right From the Start

by Carlisle Homes

Looking to buy your first home? Consider a brand new build with Carlisle Homes to save you money on rates, utilities and upkeep that come with the price tag of owning a home!

When you’re buying your first home, all your focus is on the purchase price.

How much do you have as a deposit, and how much can you afford in monthly repayments? Those numbers determine your budget so you can narrow down the shortlist. Should you buy new or established? How many bedrooms can you afford?

But while owning a home is very rewarding, it does come with ongoing commitments. Rates, utilities and upkeep are all part of the price tag.

The good news is that a brand new build can save you money in the short, medium and even long term. By incorporating passive design principles, you can make it more energy efficient from the start. And because it’s all new, you won’t need to fork out for costly maintenance and repairs.

New Build 1600 x 1160 01

With a brand-new Carlisle Home build, you won’t need to worry about any fault or repair fees that may creep up with an established home. Pictured is Westlake.

No maintenance

Ask anyone who has moved into an established home and they’ll tell you the same story. Faults that you didn’t notice during the inspection suddenly come to light. The porch is sagging, or the stair carpet is torn.

Even if you’ve gone through the building report with a fine toothed comb, there’s always something. When you’ve just bought the biggest purchase of your life, even a small repair can hit the hip pocket hard.

With a brand new house when you build with Carlisle Homes, you have three months after settlement to spot any problems. And because all of your appliances are brand new, they come under warranty. No worries about moving in and having to replace the dishwasher here!

New Build 1600 x 1160 02

Through energy efficient design principled and fixtures, Carlisle homes are cleverly built to reduce the running costs of your home. Pictured is Edgewood.

Reduced running costs

Home repairs aren’t the only ongoing cost you’ll take on when you become a homeowner. Running costs can also make a sizeable dent in the budget. The average electricity bill for a household in Victoria is $1,490 or $125 per month. Add gas on top of that, plus water bills, and it can start to add up.

This is where a new build can really save you money. By incorporating energy efficient design principles and fixtures into your build, you can significantly reduce the running costs.

For example:

  • North facing living areas maximise sunlight so you can reduce the amount of time you need to put overhead lights on. Bedrooms should be positioned to the south so that they stay cool and dim, making it easier to sleep.
  • Fixed shading and sun control (like a verandah or eaves) over north-facing windows reduce heat in summer. Shading to the east and west is also useful in the summer to reduce bright sunshine in the morning and late afternoons.
  • ‘Zoning’ similar rooms together (for example kitchen, lounge, bathroom and laundry; or bedrooms and home offices) allows you to only heat or cool those zones when in use.
New Build 1600 x 1160 03

A brand new build allows you to incorporate the latest sustainable materials, features and fixtures into your home’s design to make it more energy-efficient, such thermal and acoustic insulation and window placement to maximise natural light. Pictured is Sterling.

    • Position windows to maximise cross-ventilation so that you can open up the home in the cool of the evening and let the breeze flow through.
    • Good insulation in the ceiling and walls, and quality window coverings, can help keep your home temperature-controlled all year round, as well as blocking street noise.
    • LED lighting is much more energy efficient than conventional lightbulbs, and last much longer. Install them in your living areas or wherever you spend the most time.

A new home means you know what your costs will be, right up front. Carlisle’s fixed price home and land packages mean no hidden expenses so you can budget with confidence. And when you move in, you can do so in the knowledge that you won’t be facing extra expenses any time soon.

Want to know more? Check out the Financial Services section of our website or visit one of our many display homes across Melbourne for inspiration on your new build.

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