25 September 2015

Going classic style…

by Carlisle Homes

According to Yves Saint Laurent, ‘Fashions fade, style is eternal’, and we couldn’t agree more, especially when it comes to choosing a classic style for your décor theme. If you are thinking of this direction for your home but not sure where to start, we explore some of our favourites to help you with the key ingredients to master your signature style.  

Classic Contemporary

This style is all about being at the forefront of on-trend style, but without getting caught up in passing fads. Think simplicity, understated sophistication, layered textures and clean bold lines. With a contemporary look, open space, accented colour and shape take precedence over cluttered accessories – stick to basic, pared back and bold.


The simple lines of the classic contemporary Sorrento on display at Berwick Waters Estate, Berwick.

By choosing neutral coloured walls, you can easily highlight with pops of brightly coloured soft furnishings or accessories for a bold statement. Think about injecting some black to really anchor the style and create defined lines.

Don’t discount colour! Contemporary style loves colour, but be selective for impact rather than en masse. Large bold artwork can be a great way to capture the style and introduce your signature colour which can be subtly reflected in other accessories to complete the look. Natural materials like linen and jute can be partnered perfectly with metals and wood for an all-round contemporary feel. 


Bold artwork to inject colour and emphasis the contemporary clean lines, images sourced from Pinterest. 

Classic Hamptons

While we tend to attribute this interior style with The Hamptons seaside villages on Long Island, New York, featured in many American classic movie, it essentially represents relaxed, casual and coastal inspired living.


 A classic Hampton’s icon, the upholstered bed head and entryway on display in Montclair at Greenvale Gardens Estate, Greenvale.

 Key to this style is starting with a neutral inspired palette, with combinations of whites, creams and sandy hues to create a light and airy feel. Upholstered linen furniture and dark wooden tones really set the scene for a beach inspired style with a focus on luxurious comfort.


Classic Hampton’s living and kitchen/meals areas of the Sorrento on displays at Mernda Villages, Mernda, featuring the signature feature armchair, sheer drapes and upholstered furniture.

The versatility of this style allows you to incorporate a blend of old and new with vintage or heirloom pieces fitting right in, to create an almost eclectic look which is great on the budget. Romantic sheer curtains and white plantation shutters, to make the most of natural light, can become part of the statement features for this classic style. You can read more tips on creating this style in Escape to the Hamptons

Classic Hotel

Who hasn’t dreamt of that never ending holiday in a 5-star luxury resort where every indulgent detail has been thought of? Why travel when you can create a taste of opulence in your own home? Classic hotel style is all about luxe at all levels, but we’re not talking garish décor and accessories, think the ultimate in style and chic elegance.  


Focussing on simple elegance and the inclusion of fresh cut flowers in the Classic Hotel Style Montpellier on display at Selandra Rise, Clyde North.

The showcase of any luxury hotel is always the entry and lobby space, first impressions really do count. A statement piece in your entrance such as a buffet or sideboard is a must and is an ideal spot for lavish bouquets of fresh flowers or glossy green foliage. 


An entrance with impact in the Montpellier on display at Selandra Rise, Clyde North.

The master retreat is definitely the showpiece in hotel-style décor and the bed needs to take centre stage. A tall bed head will make the bed stand proud in the room, partner with lush layered linen and an abundance of display cushions for a ‘straight out of a travel a magazine’ look. Clever lighting will highlight the bed focal point and continue the suite feel.


Multiple light sources and luxurious linen in the Montpellier on display at Selandra Rise, Clyde North.

White on white

The simplicity of a white room is a perfect blank canvas to allow you to let your creativity flow and follow your inspiration. It’s such a versatile style that can be layered with seasonal accessories such as colourful cushions and throws.  It’s fresh, clean, pure and calming.


White on white bedroom inspiration, bedroom images sourced from Pinterest, Neva Light Table Lamp from Beacon Lighting and Target Side Table with drawer.

One thing you probably aren’t aware of is that there are hundreds of shades of white. You can actually add depth and warmth by layering different white shades through linen, window treatments, rugs and furniture. Have a look at Dulux’s extensive guide to ‘Whites’ for the full scoop on this multi-dimensional colour.


A fresh white style can be the perfect backdrop to allow statement artwork piece (right image sourced from Inside Out) or a beautiful floor rug (left image sourced from Hunting for George) to really shine.


White on white bedrooms can be easily changed up if a little colour is needed in your life! Pops of spring colour love from Adairs (left) and the new Broadway on display at Mernda Villages, Mernda.

Black and white

It’s classic, striking and makes a strong statement. When you style with this theme, there is no question about your intentions – it’s black and white! And, while it kind of looks after its self with styling there are some different directions you can take.


Stunning simplicity of a black and white bedroom from Megan Gale for Target, right image sourced from Pinterest.

To really make your black and white room pop with impact consider adding a third colour as an accent feature, maybe a lamp, cushion or simple fresh flowers or foliage. For a safe option, choose accessories in all black or all white with just one or two combining both colours, that way you have more scope to mix and match and even switch to all white if you decide to.

img Blog 13

Image sourced from Pinterest.

A good place to start is to consider a black statement piece, such as a chair, feature light or dining table, which can then be surrounded with white styling with some additional pops of black. Alternatively, use subtle black pieces sparingly to give emphasis to a mostly white space.

Shades of grey

If you’re not ready to make the white on white commitment and the black and white combo seems a bit bold then styling with grey is the way to go. Far from dull, this cool calm décor colour is the perfect partner to a whole range of options such as bright primaries to soft neutrals and is equally at home with glossy finishes and matt timber surfaces.


Classic grey framed with black features to make the wooden finishes stand out, image sourced from Inside Out. Feature grey sofa provides a lovely backdrop in the new Cambridge on display at Atherstone Estate, Melton South.

The beauty of styling with grey is the vast scope of shades (apparently more than 50…) to choose, from the palest of dove greys to the deepest charcoals. Pair with white for sharp and crisp definition or include an impact highlight colour to feature.


Mix and match grey hues with bed linen from Adairs.

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