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Getting ready to move in

by Carlisle Homes

It’s finally here, moving day is just around the corner and everyone is very excited to be starting the next life chapter in your new Carlisle home!  You just can’t wait to get in there, plan the furniture, find a place for all your bibs and bobs, and really explore the area, hoping for great neighbours!  In the weeks leading up to the big day there is still quite a bit of housekeeping to check off to make sure the shift goes off without a hitch.  We’ve put together a handy list to work through to make sure nothing is missed.

First, get your old home ready…

1. De-clutter your home

Now is the time to be brutal, it’s no use taking up valuable space in the moving truck with items that will only end up in the bin at your new home anyway!  Room by room, review what needs to go to the tip and what will move with you, remembering that your new home is very shiny and new which can make some of your old stuff look pretty shabby!  Make some piles, with goods to be thrown out, items to be donated and even make a bit of cash with stuff to sell.

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2. Book the truck…

Now that you have a better idea of what needs to be moved you can book your moving truck, or speak to friends to help.  They generally quote based on the number of bedrooms and living areas you have, and will also need to know about access to the new home and if there will be stairs to navigate. 

3. Save boxes and newspaper

Leading up to your moving day you can start to stockpile boxes by checking out local supermarkets and hardware stores for their unwanted packaging.  Get your friends to save their newspapers too, they are a great inexpensive way to wrap your breakables.  If you leave your run a bit late for this, you can buy some good sturdy boxes at places like Bunnings, check them out for bubble wrap and packing tape too.

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4. Label boxes

A handy hint when getting organised to pack your home up is to make sure you label each box with not only content details but also which room in your new house it will go.  This combined with marking up a floorplan for your removalist will ensure a streamlined moving process and less chance of your stuff getting lost in the move!

Before moving day…

5. Pet proof your new home

If you have some furry friends making the move with you, make sure you take some time to check that your new yard is pet friendly.  If you already have perimeter fencing in place, a quick check that it doesn’t have any small spaces that ‘Pluto’ can squeeze through and explore the new neighbourhood on his own, will save a lot of anxiety and searching later!  Remember your home was recently a construction site, have a look around to check there isn’t any building debris around that could cause injury. 

6. Window coverings

So many windows in your new place but not sure yet what sort of coverings you will need?  Before you resort to hanging your old sheets on the windows (not a good way to make a good impression on the neighbours!), have a think about getting some temporary DIY solutions from homewares stores like Spotlight, Ikea, Freedom or Bunnings.  Once you have planned out your rooms and have all your new furniture you can replace these room by room.

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White sheer drapes as featured in the Scandinavian themed Riva at the Berwick Waters Estate, Clyde North. Simple venetian blinds in the Montclair at Greenvale Gardens Estate, Greenvale.  White venetian blinds with a darker neutral tone linen sheer is featured in the Granada at Selandra Rise Estate, Clyde North.

7. Utilities

Electricity and gas service companies have been preselected by Carlisle Homes as Energy Australia and you need to change these into your name.  Refer to your New Home Guide you will receive at handover of your keys.

8. Re-direct mail

Australia Post have some very useful information on mail re-direction, you can set the start date in the future, so get that organised and cross it off your list.

9. Send moving cards

Don’t miss this opportunity to spread the news to your family and friends, think about sending out ‘We’re Moving’ cards so that everyone has a reminder of your new address.  Novelty card printers like Snapfish or Zazzle have some great templates to have some fun with, or for a bespoke option check out Esty

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(Etsy change of address kit, Snapfish post card template)

10. Letterbox

Mail re-directed, check.  Change address cards sent, check.  Letterbox?  Hang on, better make sure the postie can find your new home.  Choosing your letter box can be just as involved as finding the right home design!  Make sure you check your estate guidelines for any covenants and advice relating to letterbox design and location.  Your local garden centre will have some design options to choose, or take a drive around your new neighbourhood and take some photos of other letter boxes you think will suit.

11. House number

It’s the same deal with your house number, you will need to organise that to make sure all your new furniture gets delivered to the right house!  Check out things like solar house number lights for a smart look for your new home.

Cards Blog3

12. Clothesline

Have a think about the location for your clothes line, within easy access of your laundry but also in a sunny area and not in sight line from your living areas.  No one wants their surprise visitors to be looking at your ‘smalls’ on the line while having a cuppa at the kitchen bench!   

It’s moving day…

13. Keep the troops fed…

It may seem obvious, but on moving day, put some thought into catering for everyone who pitches into help, nothing worse than hungry volunteers!  You probably won’t be set up on moving day to cook a meal for dinner, so a good idea is to collect some take away menus beforehand so that you have some easy options. 

14. Bubbles…

Moving house can be a very stressful lifetime event, so much to organise, people to co-ordinate, packing then unpacking!  But, it is all worth it!  Take a moment to look around at the house you have created, it’s all yours!  It’s time to enjoy your next adventure, now that calls for a glass of celebratory bubbles!  

For some more check list ideas we’ve found these information sources,

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