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Get Creative With Tiles!

by Carlisle Homes

There’s more than one way to lay a tile – read on to discover how an unexpected layout can add magic to a space

From adding colour and texture to your home to a dramatic feature shower wall, there’s no limit to what tiles can do. And it’s not just shade and shape that you need to decide upon, but what pattern to lay your tiles.

Read on to discover the main tile patterns available for your new Carlisle home, the latest trends and what works best where.

Choosing which tile layout works for you can dramatically impact your space. Be sure to experiment with a few options before you land on your dream layout!

First, consider what you’re trying to achieve

The best place to start when choosing tiles and a tile layout is to consider your goals. Are you looking to create a minimal look including cleaning? A large-format tile with minimal grout lines might be the best option.  

Do you want to add a punch of pattern or personality to a kitchen or bathroom? Consider coloured or patterned tiles laid in an eye-catching pattern, such as herringbone, on a splashback or feature wall. 

Love a luxe look? Try marble-look mosaics or slender kit-kat tiles on a wall or splashback.

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Watch our video here to learn more about tiling trends you could use in your Carlisle home!

Tiles as building blocks

Take a tip from the design pros and use tiles to visually enhance a space. For example, consider laying tiles vertically to make your ceiling appear higher, or horizontally to make a narrow space look wider.

A classic horizontal brick bond pattern will give you a classic look that melds into the background. If you prefer a more graphic, contemporary look, consider a vertical stack pattern with contrasting-coloured grout that highlights the shape of each tile.

A horizontal stack creates a uniform and polished look which can be added to a bathroom, laundry, kitchen or pantry! Featured here: Rothwell, Aurora Estate, Wollert.

Horizontal stack

A hugely popular choice for contemporary homes, this simple tile layout sees rectangular tiles laid in a straight line to form a neat grid. It creates a clean, modern look, and is a great way to show off other features in a room, such as a striking stone benchtop or a display shelf.

Horizontal Brick Bond

A traditional pattern that mimics the layout of bricks. Tiles are laid out in rows, with each row offset half a tile length from the row on either side of it. It’s traditionally used with 75 x 150mm subway tiles, but also works well with smaller, rectangular tiles.

Vertical Brick Bond

Rather than laying tiles horizontally, this layout sees them laid vertically. It’s a good choice for a smaller space like bathrooms as it will make the room appear taller. Try this layout with classic subway tiles or, for a bolder look, larger-format rectangular tiles.

Stacking tiles vertically helps to create the illusion of a bigger space, perfect for homes that may have smaller kitchens or bathrooms. Featured here: Rothwell, Aurora Estate, Wollert.

Vertical Stack

If you’ve been keeping a close eye on your feed lately, you’ll have noticed vertical stack bond tile patterns appearing in kitchens and bathrooms everywhere, most very often using kit kat mosaic tiles.

This sleek pattern sees tiles laid vertically and in a straight line. It works a treat on kitchen, bathroom and laundry splashbacks, as well as bathroom feature walls, drawing the eye upwards to elevate the space.

For a touch of the unexpected, embrace the latest trend of combining vertical and horizontal stack bond tiles in the one space, such as a vertical stack bond tiles on the portion of a bathroom wall above the tub, with tiles in a horizontal stack bond pattern on the bath base.

Mosaics are a chic way to inject some character into your Carlisle home. Playing with shape, colour and texture are what makes mosaics so versatile. Featured here: Sorrento Grand, Redstone Estate, Sunbury.


Love the look of horizontal herringbone tiles, crazy for fish scale or have a passion for penny rounds? Then you want mosaic tiles. These tiles traditionally come delivered on a sheet with a backing so they don’t have to be individually laid, which opens up a whole host of possibilities when it comes to tile shapes and layouts.

Sleek and slim mosaics, otherwise known as kit kat or finger tiles, are the hottest thing in tiles right now. Despite their tiny size, they make an incredible design presence on a kitchen, bathroom or laundry splashback, and come in a huge array of colours.

A classic herringbone style can elevate your bathroom or laundry while creating an elegant touch, but don't be afraid to add some colour to this traditional look! Featured here: Astoria Grand, Attwell Estate, Deanside. 

Hexagonal marble-look mosaics, which bring instant sophistication to a bathroom or laundry, are another popular choice. Use them on bathroom walls, combined with large-format square floor tiles in the same finish, for a seamless sense of luxury.

Or add a subtle sense of texture to a bathroom, kitchen or laundry with mosaic tiles in a herringbone layout. It’s a timeless look that’s unlikely to date any time soon.

Alternatively, go old-school with a twist by opting for mini, square mosaic tiles in a soft pastel shade, such as blush, mint or duck-egg blue, with a soft, matt finish. Use them on floors, walls, a splashback, or anywhere you’re looking to add a gentle, organic feel.

A note on grout

The grout colour you choose can have a big impact on the look of your tiles. Select a grout in a colour that matches your tiles for a seamless look. Or, to make the shape of your tiles pop and to add a graphic feel to a space, consider a contrasting-coloured grout.

Stumped for ideas? Come along to one (or more!) of our Carlisle display homes and see how our expert interior designers have used tiles to add magic to indoor and outdoor spaces. We’re conveniently located right across Melbourne.

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