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Floor care

by Tamara Hosken

New home, new maintenance regime!
Start with a clean slate, pardon the pun, and plan your new home cleaning routine to suit your chosen finishes. You need to throw out all your old cleaning products and devices and start again. Using the wrong techniques for particular flooring products can actually cause damage and compromise your new home warranties.

Timber, bamboo and laminate flooring
Foreign particles such as small stones, garden debris and even sand can cause scratching to your flooring when exposed to traffic. These flooring products can both absorb and expel moisture to keep the balance with its surrounds and are not equipped to have moisture present for periods of time. Excess water can cause staining, movement and warping. We recommend you frequently sweep surface dust and use something like a Sabco or Vileda mop kit using microfiber or disposable cloth heads, available from the supermarket or local hardware outlet to leave the floors looking sleek and brand new! For more information on maintaining timber floors click here.


Warm tones of the Carrington at the Timbertop Estate, Officer.

Tiled flooring
If home maintenance is more of a set and forget regime for you, then tiling may be your more suited option. Spills are easily cleaned mopped up using standard wet mop products. Regular sweeping or vacuuming combined with simple mopping is recommended by tile supplier Beaumont Tiles. To avoid the discolouration of your tile grout from general wear and tear, it may be worth considering applying a grout sealant. For more tiling care tips click here.


The versatile EasyLiving Edgewood on display at The Avenue Estate 

Carpeted areas
When you first move into your new home you may notice that the carpet has some surface fluff and lint, this is very normal and a light, frequent vacuum will remove this. Vacuum carpet thoroughly and frequently (including under beds, behind curtains/ blinds, inside robes, along skirtings and beneath furniture) to avoid dirt and dust becoming trapped among the particles which can aggravate asthma sufferers. For more carpet maintenance tips click here.


Epitome of style in the Indiana at the Somerfield Estate, Keysborough.

Product spotlight!
Have you thought about using Karndean luxury vinyl in your new home? With the stunning look of natural hard wood or stone finishes but without the maintenance and cost characteristics of these products, this innovative product may be the designer difference in your new home! To find out more check out the Karndean website and talk to your Spectra consultant.

In general, some good tips to keep your floors in new condition, consider:

      -   Use floor mats at doorways to keep out sand and dirt,
      -   Remove shoes where possible to prevent surface scratching,
      -   Use protective gliders under furniture, 
      -   Ensure ventilation when evaporative cooling in operation,
      -   Consider moving rugs occasionally and the use of window coverings to reduce effects of discolouration/fading
           from direct sunlight, especially on north and west facing rooms,
      -   Utilise heavy mats or screens to protect flooring adjacent to heating appliances,
      -   Remove spills immediately,
      -   Do not use wet mops on timber, bamboo or laminate,
      -   Frequent vacuuming of carpet.

Before you move into your new home, your Carlisle contacts will provide you with Your New Home Guide, the ultimate care and maintenance guide packed with tips and information to keep that brand new sparkle.

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Tamara Hosken

Spectra Showroom Manager

Tamara’s depth of experience in lighting and interiors shines through to every corner of the award winning Spectra Centre showroom.

Whether she’s meeting with suppliers to view new products or updating the displays with the latest design trends, Tamara loves watching and guiding the showroom experience and is always focused on a positive client experience. 'It’s inspiring to see and hear our customer’s excitement as they choose materials and products to create the home of their dreams.'

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