30 September 2015

Creating a statement

by Carlisle Homes

Whether you are moving into a new home or in the midst of a room makeover, when it comes to choosing furniture and décor items, a budget to stick to is a necessary reality. But this doesn’t mean that you have to go with all ‘budget’ items, this just makes room to purchase some statement pieces to really set your signature style.

An important tip to think about is that statement pieces earn their name for all the right reasons. They should be an extension of you and your family, be something you can live with every day and when you see your piece – you will know it! You might have one significant item in your home or one in each living area, think dramatic art, a bold rug, unique lighting or a side board with an interesting history for endless dinner party discussions.

Danielle Taylor, Carlisle Homes Interior Design Manager, shares some thoughts on nailing statement piece styling in your home.

When using artwork to define a space you can’t beat going oversize for instant impact as soon you enter a room. Achieving the large scale could also be using a group of art pieces to create a united effect, or choosing bold colours and impressive frames. Think about anchoring your style by creating the focal point which means styling the rest of the room’s items to pay homage to your piece. Sculptures or collections can be another way to use art as your statement, adding a versatile dimensional effect which can be re-located for different looks.


Image sourced from www.insideout.com.au


Striking feature art in the Regent on display at the new Rosenthal Estate, Sunbury.


Grouped art style, image (left) sourced from Temple & Webster Journal, (right) the Winslow on display at Williams Landing Estate, Williams Landing.

A statement rug doesn’t always have to include bold patterns and colours. It could be your style icon due to its beautiful craftsmanship, lovely materials, interesting history or just due to its overall large size. Either way, to make it pop and be a standout feature you should look at choosing furniture in more subdued and neutral tones so as not to over shadow your rug beauty!


The unique craftsmanship of the Armadillo rug in the Cambridge on display at Atherstone Estate, Melton South. The bold striped rug in the Viera on display at Williams Landing Estate, Williams Landing, paired perfectly with the neutral tone sofa for a complete Nordic effect.


Statement stripes in the Albany on display at Featherbrook Estate, Point Cook.

Dining table
The purchase of a family dining table is definitely not an activity to be taken lightly! Not only is it an expensive item but also something you are likely to use every day for lots of different reasons and have for a long time. Daily meals, kids’ homework and art projects, family meetings and big Christmas dinners, this statement piece has a busy life. Important tip is to choose in accordance with your space available but try to go for a size bigger than you need for every day to create impact. Head over to our blog Finding the Family Table for some style inspiration.


Dining room masterpiece in the Broadway on display at the new Mernda Villages Estate, Mernda.

Side boards and buffets
If you’re thinking about sideboards you probably have a specific spot in mind, maybe in the foyer, dining or living area – and it’s about form over function. The right look is paramount. Height can be an important determinant of the overall impact with sideboards and buffets, with different considerations depending on the room you are styling. In a dining room sideboards are generally at around waist height (of an average person) and slightly higher than the dining table. Sideboards in living areas are better suited to be a bit lower and could be decorative as well as functional by holding TV and music equipment. In hallway spaces taller units are best to ensure they are prominent in the space and to create a real feature to admire as guests visit your home.


First impressions do count at the Montpellier at Selandra Rise Estate, Clyde North


Statement sideboards in (left) Cambridge at Atherstone Estate, Melton South, (right) Montclair at Greenvale Gardens Estate, Greenvale.

Including a feature armchair in your styling can be a great way to draw attention to a corner or complement an understated or neutral sofa. And, if for some reason you do change your mind about the ‘statement’, it can be easily re-upholstered, down played by a throw blanket or moved to another room, all is forgiven! Think comfort as well as look, an armchair centrepiece that isn’t a wonderful sitting experience is just nonsensical!


Statement armchair elegance, from left Sorrento at Mernda Villages Mernda, Laguna at The Avenue, Cranbourne North, and Riva at Berwick Waters, Clyde North.

Feature walls
Of course we all know about feature walls, but for real a statement, wall paper is a must consideration. Styling with bold wallpaper is a very dominant effect so it is important to not overload with competing décor items. It is worth having a look at our Stuck on Wallpaper blog for some inspiration.


(Left) Setting the mood with an impact wall in the Nevada at Allura Estate, Truganina, (Right) Impact timber feature wall in the Carrington on display at Timbertop Estate, Officer.

Feature lighting, whether it’s pendant or standalone lamp styles, is very much in vogue in interior design but then again maybe it always has been. Statements can be created from either the lighting effects produced, the lamp itself or a combination of both, creating different daylight and night time effects.


We can’t go past mentioning our Replica Tom Dixon Punch Ball Chrome Pendant (Lucretia) feature in Sanctuary at Somerfield Estate, Keysborough, now that is a statement! Don’t limit your statements to indoors, check out the dreamy alfresco in the Indiana at Featherbrook Estate, Point Cook.


Be bold with statement bedroom pendants like these in the Regent at Rosenthal Estate, Sunbury.

When you do find the statement piece you are after it is probably going to have a ‘wow factor’ price tag to go along with it. So go with your instincts but choose wisely as these pieces are likely to be long term residents in your home.

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