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Create a Calm Vibe with Dulux’s New Restore Trend

by Carlisle Homes

Discover the Restore palette from Dulux, plus how to incorporate it into your home.

The release of the Dulux Colour Forecast is always something to look forward to – a sneak peek at the colours set to dominate interiors in the coming year. It’s little surprise that Dulux’s colour predictions for 2022 are strongly influenced by the pandemic and the effects it has had on our lives. The three palettes – Restore, Flourish and Wonder – are all wildly different, but share a common theme; creating homes that nurture and inspire as we look forward to better days ahead.

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Introducing the Restore palette. Think warm, earthy neutrals that connote a slower pace and encourage reconnection with loved ones. Image courtesy of Dulux®. Photographer: Mike Baker Stylist: Bree Leech

“Living through a pandemic has made us feel even more connected to our homes,” says Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux Colour and Communication Manager. “When it comes to future trends, comfort is key. We want our living spaces to calm and nurture us, so we can process everything we’ve experienced and rediscover our zest for life.”

Here, we get up close and personal with the first of Dulux’s three trending looks for 2022 – the Restore palette, which consists of warm, earthy neutrals that speak to our desire to slow down and reconnect with those who matter most.

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Restore incorporates nature-inspired neutrals, alongside more rugged pops of colour, like rich forest green. Image courtesy of Dulux® featuring Dulux Winter Terrace (left wall) and Natural flora (right wall). Photographer: Lisa Cohen Stylist: Bree Leech

Restore palette: All about calm

After so much time stuck behind screens in the past year, the Restore palette is inspired by our need for authentic connection and experiences. It consists of gentle, earth-based neutrals, such as buttercream, pumice and clay, alongside more rugged natural tones, including rich forest green, moss and charcoal-purple. These are colours that recede into the background rather than cry out for attention. They’re all about creating a feeling of calm in our homes – something many of us yearn for after a tumultuous year.

“Interiors have become our cocoon and a place where we can practice wellness and self-care rituals,” says Lucena-Orr of the thinking behind the Restore palette. “We’re choosing less, however, focusing on more quality items that last and provide comfort above all else.”

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Restore colours are ideally used in spaces where you relax and connect with family and friends. Featured here: Matisse, Orana Estate, Clyde North.

Where to use Restore colours

These warm, earth tones are ideal for rooms where you want to relax or engage with friends and family, such as the living room, family room or dining room – think long, laughter-filled family meals, laid-back movie nights, and chilled-out evenings curled up on the sofa with a glass of wine. Discover our guide to creating a relaxing lounge room here.

These colours have a somewhat quiet feel, making them a good choice for areas where you wish to concentrate, such as a home office or study nook.

You could even use them in a kitchen; soft pebble tones or rich grey-navy on cabinetry, warm white benchtops and timber flooring would make for a laid-back and inviting combination.

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The Restore palette calls for a simple decorating scheme. Consider natural linens, a mohair throw and a stone-topped coffee table. Featured here: Kensington Grand, Orana Estate, Clyde North.

How to accessorise them

With a trend that’s all about focusing on quality over quantity, look to keep your decorating simple. Select well-made pieces in natural materials, such as a solid timber dining table, a stone-topped coffee table, or a sofa covered in fine, natural linen.

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For furniture, let soft, organic shapes dominate the space. Introduce a tactile, curvy armchair and a circular oak side table. Image courtesy of Dulux® featuring Dulux Opononi Double (left wall and ceiling) and Dulux Black Caviar (back wall). Photographer: Lisa Cohen Stylist: Bree Leech

Seek out pieces with soft, organic curves, such as a curvy armchair you can sink into, a chunky oak side table and a round rug underfoot. Up the comfort factor with a few tactile, boucle pillows on the sofa, a mohair throw on the end of the bed, and a faux-sheepskin or two draped across the back of your dining chairs.

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Punctuate your neutral room scheme with pieces that incorporate some of the richer tones from the Restore palette - think forest green, grey-navy and charcoal-purple.

When it comes to art and decor pieces, think simple, handcrafted ceramics in interesting and even imperfect shapes, and abstract artworks or prints. To add a bit of punch to your neutral room scheme, choose pieces that incorporate some of the richer tones in the Restore palette, such as forest green, grey-navy and charcoal-purple. Discover our guide to choosing artwork for your home here.

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