14 November 2016

Community Grant's winners

by Carlisle Homes

The latest round of successful Community Grant winners joined Shane Crawford for the official presentation this month, held in the Spectra Showroom. And, this time we even welcomed our first canine participant – Miss Muffin the companion dog from Irabina Autism Services definitely stole the show!


The Community Grants program has now contributed over $463,000 to local sporting clubs and groups over the past two and half years. This latest cycle of grants, which closed September 30, attracted the highest volume of applications for sports and recreation, health and caring, and education and training projects since the beginning of the grant program.

‘By providing great foundations within the communities where we are building new homes, we have the opportunity to play an active and positive role to help grow these important social infrastructures,’ John Doulgeridis, Carlisle Home Director.

We are very excited to announce the 9 successful applicants for Cycle 3, 2016, we look forward to being involved in these very worthy projects.


The team at Seabrook Primary School can’t wait to put their $9,400 grant to good use as soon as possible. They will be purchasing rubber safety matting to install under a new playground for their pupils and the local community to use.


The Rockbank Football Club is in re-build mode after an unsuccessful few years on the scoreboard. They will be putting their $3,000 grant towards game day equipment to encourage their junior sides to grow as the future of the club.

You couldn’t wipe the smile off Carlos’ face as he received his ‘giant’ cheque to fund new spectator seats at the Hampton Park Tennis Club. They hope to have their project in place before the popular January season.


We loved having the kids from Boronia K-12 College along to accept their $6,009 cheque to pay for their healthy community garden project. We look forward to seeing the progress as the gardens flourish and play a role in educating their students on sustainable living.


And then there was Miss Muffin, resplendent in her tutu, which we are told she loves wearing! The Irabina Autism Service provides family-centred Early Intervention programs and services to children and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). And, Miss Muffin is a highly trained therapy dog, providing much needed companionship to the students and their families. They will using their $6,000 grant to purchase a new interactive digital whiteboard to provide a new communication channel for the children that attend their services.


The Bellbridge Cricket Club is working with Cricket Australia to trial new 7 per side junior teams, so their $3,000 grant will go towards new game day kits, as well as subsidising the player fees of their refugee newcomers. Their aim is to make playing sport accessible to everyone without financial barriers.


Further on the theme of encouraging juniors, the Manor Lakes Basketball Club will make good use of their $1,500 grant for coaches training equipment, to keep their local kids fit and healthy.


The Sunshine Football/YCW Club are so looking forward to getting their new electronic scoreboard up and running and they are now one step closer with their $10,000 Community Grant cheque. Although, Shane was a bit disappointed that they all seemed to be Bulldogs supporters, but he can’t really blame them!

In addition, Blackburn Preschool were recipients of $3,000 for new storage sheds, but were unable to attend the presentation.

The Carlisle Community Grants program contributes up to $50,000 per quarter to local sporting and community not-for-profit groups.

While Carlisle has a reputation for building homes of exceptional quality and delivering customer service excellence - recognised by the HIA as multiple winner of the Victorian HIA Customer Service Award and the current custodian of Victoria’s HIA Most Professional Builder title - we also understand how important it is to develop strong links to engage people in the local communities within which we are building.

Our Community Grants program to support ‘grass roots’ initiatives and become active participants in the development of community networks, is an initiative of which we are incredibly proud. Our staff are passionate about being involved in grant winners’ projects, a culture we continue to nurture and support.

The current cycle for Community Grants is open for applications until December 31, read more.

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