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Buy Now, Build Later: Lock in 2021 Prices & Promotions for 18 Months!

by Carlisle Homes

When you’re building a brand-new home, you’ll want to take full advantage of current promotions and inclusions, while keeping your budget in check. With Carlisle you can! Here’s how to lock in your home base price for 18 Months.

Building a brand-new home is sure to be one of the most exciting experiences of your life – and probably one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make. At Carlisle, we know how important it is to keep your budget in check, which is why we’re giving you the opportunity to lock in your home base price now and take full advantage of our current promotions and luxury inclusions for the next 18 months.

This means that if home prices rise in the next year and a half (and let’s face it, with a hot property market and record low interest rates, chances are they will), your base price will remain exactly the same until late 2022.

But that’s not the only smart reason to lock in your base price now:

Don’t miss out on those essential upgrades and inclusions necessary to build your dream home. Avoid disappointment later and lock in the base price for your home today. Featured here: Halifax (Hebel) Façade at Crompton displayed at Canopy at Amstel Estate, Cranbourne.

Give yourself peace of mind

You’ve allocated a budget and your land title date is still another year away; you plan to spend the next few months shopping around for the right design. But with growing numbers of Australians renovating their homes, in part because of the recent travel restrictions, demand for materials and trades is rising, which in turn puts house prices up. By the time you’re ready to commit to your dream home, it may no longer be within your budget. But lock in the base price for your Affinity or TRange home today and it’s yours for the same low price in 2022, guaranteed.

Lock in current promotional offers

It’s not just your base home price that’s locked in for 18 months, but the current special offers and extensive list of inclusions that come with it too; all those premium finishes and luxury extras you’ve fallen in love with that are part of our current inclusions and special offers. With our base price-lock guarantee, you’ll have the confidence of knowing they will all be included in your new home in 2022, even if the promotion has long since ended. Explore the kitchen upgrades that really make a difference here.

Our house designs and ranges are constantly evolving to make room for the latest trends and product innovation. Secure the exact home design and floorplan you’ve fallen in love with regardless of your site start date, with our 2021 price lock offer. Featured here: Crompton, Aurora Estate, Wollert.

Guarantee a start month

In order to deliver the same quality of excellence and customer experience across every Carlisle home, we strictly limit the number of homes we build each month. By locking in your price and making a purchase decision, we can guarantee your site start month. In the event your land title is delayed, you’ll automatically go onto the priority list for future start months.

Secure your ultimate home design

At Carlisle, we continually innovate our products and services to reflect the latest local and international design trends. As new designs join the range, other designs leave to make room for product innovation. Committing to a price and design now allows you to secure the exact home design and floorplan you’ve fallen in love with, regardless of your site start date.

Freedom to focus on the fun part

Let’s face it – having too much time to think about a decision often makes it harder to actually make one. Soon you’re overwhelmed with information and can’t decide which way to turn. Lock in a price and design now, complete with today’s low prices and luxury inclusions, and you’ll no longer have to sweat over the big stuff. You’re free to focus on the fun part – thinking about how you plan to decorate, style and live in your new home!

Get organised early by locking in a home base price and free yourself up to focus on the fun parts – think home decorating!

Find out more about our 18 month price lock here or have a chat with a friendly Carlisle consultant about our special price lock offer today – contact us here.

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