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Bring The Outdoors Inside With Dulux’s Latest Nourish Trend

by Carlisle Homes

So, what will the best-dressed homes be wearing in 2021? According to colour expert Dulux®, gentle, nature-inspired tones of moss, putty and turmeric are among the ones to watch.

It’s that time of year again – Dulux® has just released its colour predictions for the coming year, sending design lovers nationwide into a frenzy of excitement. The Dulux® annual colour forecast provides a sneak peek into the colours and combos that will dominate interiors in the year ahead (and, subsequently, the ones we’ll be lusting after when it comes to redecorating or freshening up our homes).

This year it’s all about gritty, natural beauty. The Dulux® Colour Forecast 2021 consists of warm, earthy neutrals, muted oceanic brights and pops of coral – a collection that manages to be both grounding and uplifting. What more could we want for our homes in these challenging times?

Dulux Nourish Palette 1600 x 1900 01

The Nourish palette unites buff neutrals with warm tones including ochre. Walls painted in Warm Neutral, fireplace surround in White Exchange Half and cabinet in Skip To by Dulux®. Image courtesy of Dulux® featuring 'Little Vase' artwork via Castle and Things. Photographer: Armelle Habib Stylist: Julia Green

In the first of a three-part series, we take a look at the lush natural beauty of the Dulux® Nourish palette, with practical tips on how you can integrate these gorgeous hues into your own home.

With gentle, buff neutrals and touches of tan, soft olive and muted ochre, the Nourish palette is all about earthly connection and the appreciation of natural beauty. “These colours allow for moments of stillness and quiet; an opportunity to reduce the stress and digital fatigue we’re currently experiencing,” says Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux® Colour and Communications Manager.

Smart zoning

“This global crisis has changed our relationship with our homes – the lines between our work and home lives have blurred beyond recognition,” says Lucena-Orr.

“We need flexible rooms that can multi-task as spaces to conduct our professional lives and perform household tasks, however, at the same time we need our homes to provide balance and a sense of comfort and security."

“Use the colours in the Nourish palette to delineate areas in your home where you can switch off and ground yourself in the moment,” she suggests.

Dulux Nourish Palette 1600 x 1900 02

Warm up your space with a feature wall in Morocco Tan with artwork that complement the other tones in the palette.
Image courtesy of Dulux® featuring Artwork Joshua Tree Flowers’ Print from Greenhouse Interiors. Photographer: Armelle Habib Stylist: Julia Green.

Dip into the palette’s warm, biscuity tones to warm up the walls of a bedroom or casual living area. Or, for a cosier and more dramatic effect, look to the palette’s rich tones of moss and sage for a feature wall or entryway. Create an on-trend tonal effect by painting one or two pieces of furniture, such as a bedside table or console, in a similar hue. Add pops of mustard and ochre in artwork, cushions and bedlinen to provide moments of energy and surprise in the scheme.

Dulux Nourish Palette 1600 x 1900 03

Add the finishing touched with simple furnishings. This palette featuring an Olive Blend Painted wall is particularly well suited to handmade ceramics and rattan. Image courtesy of Dulux® featuring 'Puzzle 3' Artwork by Castle and Things. Photographer: Armelle Habib Stylist: Julia Green

How to style them

This earthy scheme calls for simple furnishings, raw textures and handcrafted decor items. Think handmade ceramics with soft, rounded lines, chunky woven wall hangings and lighting and side tables in tactile natural materials such as rattan, timber and cane. Up the texture factor with tasselled throws and sisal flooring. Finish off the look with – you guessed it – an abundance of indoor plants and native blooms.

Dulux Nourish Palette 1600 x 1900 04

Take time to consider your existing furnishings to ensure that you select a tone for the palette that will complement existing elements like flooring, furniture and rugs. Featured paint Sedia. Image courtesy of Dulux® featuring 'Puzzle 3' Artwork by Castle and Things. Photographer: Armelle Habib Stylist: Julia Green

Consider surrounding colours and finishes

“Taking inspiration from this year’s palettes is a great place to start when choosing colour for your home. But you’ll also need to take into account the existing colours in your scheme, such as sofa upholstery, carpet tones and joinery finishes, to ensure the colour or colours you love will sit comfortably together,” says Lucena-Orr.

“From there, consider what look and feel you’re trying to create – the Nourish palette is perfect for creating a subtle, neutral look in your home."

Dulux Nourish Palette 1600 x 1160 01

Don’t be afraid to start small. By updating homewares, linen and accessories it’s easy to begin incorporating elements of the Nourish scheme into your home, shown here in the Piermont.

Start small if you’re just starting out on your colour adventure, she advises; “Try painting your front door, creating an accent wall behind your bed or in a study nook, or adding a cheery, welcoming colour to your hallway. Many of the colours in this year’s forecast will work beautifully on exteriors too.” The only thing left to do is grab a paintbrush!

Dulux Nourish Palette 1600 x 1160 02

1. Olive Qulit Set from In The Sac 2. Abbotson Olive Bed Linen from Sheridan 3. Nude Waffle Throw from Aura Home 4. Nude & Olive Cushions from Aura Home 5. Eros Terracotta Planter from Capra Designs 6. Warmspice cushions from Sheridan 7. Planters from Oz Design Furniture 8. Coast Homewares from Oz Design Furniture

To explore this and other trends in design and modern living, visit a Carlisle display home via a private booking or visit our Inspire Gallery for wall colour and styling inspiration. Alternatively, if exploring in the comfort of your own home is preferred, take a virtual tour to find your perfect home design.

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