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Bluff it with a bed head

by Carlisle Homes

Bed heads, are a great way of stamping individual style and incorporating personal needs and tastes into a room you will spend a lot of time in. It’s like the master stroke on the broad canvas and will give your room its finishing touch. Whether it’s sheer wow factor you are after or just plain old functionality, we will show you four ways to get the bed head of your dreams

Neutral that Pops
Neutral colours in the bedroom are always a safe, classic style, leaving you with the option of going with a darker, upholstered bedhead in a deeper shade (of your chosen palette) or marrying lighter tones of the same colour to add dimension while not leaving the bedroom too busy on the eyes. Neutral tones used on a head board in espresso coloured wood panels or combined with caramel or coffee coloured floor boards or panels, create a striking contrast that makes the whole room pop.


Images found at (left and right) (middle) Augusta on display at Greenvale Gardens Estate, Greenvale Gardens

Sophisticated Serenity
Incorporating current trends into the bedroom are a great way of modernising your look, while keeping the staple feature, (the headboard) a statement classic. These fabulous leather upholstered bed heads have been paired with patterned wall paper, fur throws and statement chairs and lamps to give each room an individual twist while remaining sophisticatedly on the design pulse. Accentuating in blush and charcoal, keeps your room red-hot in the current, global colour palette movement.


Images found at (left) Cromwell on display at The Address Point (middle) (right)

DIY Dream Time Colour
Accents of mint and teal are hot-to-trot right now and mesh in seamlessly with bold monochromatic colour schemes or Nordic, sandy hues. DIY bed heads, made from (pallets) sanded down and painted in vertical black and white stripes, will transform any room from drab to fab. Or keep it simple and leave the timber au natural and horizontal to keep the lines clean and fuss free. Add a few signature pieces that reflect your style and you will have more than just a bedroom, it will be a show room.


Images found at (left) EasyLiving Waverley (middle) (right) Matisse on display at Warralily Coast Estate, Armstrong Creek

Devils in the Detail
Sheer, fall length curtains are such an ethereal way to finish off the styling of any bedroom. They create a warm, whimsical cosiness to the room and absorb all manner of accents effortlessly. Once you have chosen the colour scheme, you can go to town with upholstered bed heads in leather, fabric or wood. Adding art work, decal stickers, weave rugs (in on trend deep charcoal) funky light fixtures and side tables, all transform your room into a cutting edge, uber cool retreat, or a provincial, French boudoir.


Images found at (left) Bellmont on display at Woodlea Estate (middle) Cottesloe on display at Highgrove Estate, Clyde North (right)

We also love these statement bed heads from our display homes,


Sheraton on display at The Address, Point Cook and the Inspire Gallery.

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