Building Your Home | 22 March 2018

Big bold and floral for spring

by Carlisle Homes

As we fill our homes with the fresh blooms of Spring, we can’t help but wonder how to make this ‘skip around the house singing about blue skies’ feeling last all year round? It is but a wonderful season, so why not let these elements inspire some of your home décor and enjoy the vibrancy of this season for months to come.

According to the style world, florals are on the trend forecast for 2017 - in a big way. The theme is big, overstated and luxe, underlined by soothing pastel palettes to create a balanced style that will have you easily lost in the heady romanticism.


Images sourced from (left) Home Beautiful (right) Murals Wallpaper

Botanical walls
Whether it be statement prints influenced by the tropics, with pineapples, glossy palm leaves and extravagant petals, or simply introducing horticultural patterns, nature inspired wallpaper is not only on trend, but it is a great way to keep that spring feeling alive. Consider an impact wall or niche, or even create a feature corner, but be careful to marry your bold wallpaper with blocks of colour to avoid a kitsch result – yes, you can overdo florals…


Images sourced from (left) Laura Ashley (right) Temple and Webster

Soft approach
For those daunted by the permanency of wallpaper, soft furnishings are definitely your go. Grouped floral cushions paired with prints and patterns of the same palette, or even polar opposites for effect, can give your room an edgy appeal. Wanting to stick to a neutral colour scheme doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the botanical trend. Monotone prints inspired by nature introduce a subtle spring layer.


Statement armchair in the Bellmont on display at Woodlea Estate at Rockbank.

It’s a science
For the in-betweeners, somewhere in the middle of soft furnishings and wallpaper, artwork can inject that feeling of nature into any room. Prints in series work particularly well for botanical themes for an almost scientific aspect and vintage-old world feel. Maybe a DIY project using a flower press for an individual style!


Botanical art in Bellmont on display at Woodlea Estate at Rockbank and Radison at Aston Estate Craigieburn.


In touch with nature in the Radison at Aston Estate Craigieburn.

Fresh is best
At the end of the day, you can’t beat the timeless beauty of vivacious fresh flowers – and this is something you really can’t over do! Be true to the season and choose real spring time blooms that don’t need a hot house to flourish, such as daffodils and jonquils.

Shop the look

  1. Posy chair from Freedom Furniture
  2. Botanical Metal Table Lamp from West Elm
  3. Brunot cushion cover from Ikea
  4. Palm Leaf Print Canvas from Kmart
  5. Tara Dennis Floral Reef Jug from David Jones

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