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Bamboo Flooring

by Tamara Hosken

Have you met the newest kid on the hard flooring block? Introducing Bamboo Flooring, the new buzz word in interior style.

The finished product can actually look quite similar to timber flooring but the good news is it is recognised as a sustainable product, so by choosing it for your home you not only achieve a stunning new style but you are also being kind to our planet!

Bamboo is technically a grass, not a tree, and has the inherent quality of self-propagating, which means it doesn’t necessarily need replanting after harvesting; a tick in the ecologically sustainable box there! Also, it is a very speedy grower, ready to yield in just 5 years, unlike its timber cousins that take over 50 years to be ready for milling, which means less energy and resources are required with bamboo. The good news just keeps coming! On top of all this great environmental stuff, bamboo is actually stronger and harder than some hardwoods AND resistant to termites. Give me more information you say!!

We thought we’d chat to one of our customers who has chosen bamboo in their new Carlisle home to get the full story on this new super product!

Colin loves the finished product with bamboo flooring throughout the kitchen, meals and family areas.

Affinity Halifax facade

Q: How to you find out about this product?
Colin: I had read about the product during our research for new home ideas, and seen it on a few of the DIY shows on TV, so we checked it out during one of our Spectra browse sessions.

Q: Why did you choose bamboo flooring for your new home?
Colin: We were pretty keen on trying to include as many sustainable products in our new home as we could feasibly, to try and reduce our ecological footprint, plus we really loved the look! Our (adult) kids have dogs, so we also looked for a flooring option that was durable and somewhat resistant to scratching, we were pretty keen on achieving a timber look.

Q: How have you found the cleaning and maintenance?
Colin: The cleaning is very similar to the care of all hard floors such as timber or laminate, we use a Bona Spray Mop, no polishing or waxing.

Available through Spectra, Carlisle clients can choose from seven different tones from the Eco Bamboo range from Major Carpets to create a signature style for their new home. To experiment with the bamboo options in your chosen home design check out The Visualiser available on the Carlisle Homes website.  This interactive design tool enables you to find your perfect signature interior style while you experiment with a huge range of products and options.  But, be prepared to lose track of your time while you customise your home by choosing paint colours, bench tops, tiles and much more AND see it change in front of your eyes with The Visualiser!


The bamboo product available for Carlisle customers is sourced from Germany specifically, which has very strict safety ratings in comparisons to other countries.  We take the health and safety of our clients very seriously, choosing a bamboo flooring range that is safe for families at ten times below the threshold for the highest standard of VOC emissions.

Aside from the ‘green’ appeal of bamboo, the versatility of the product to suite all decors makes it an ideal design choice for all new home owners.  Bamboo flooring combines the simplicity of nature with an elegant variety of shades to create a stunning contemporary style that will be the envy of your neighbours!

(VOC emissions: Volatile organic compounds are chemicals that are emitted as gases from certain products such as paints, paint strippers, lacquers, pesticides, cleaning supplies, furnishings, wood floorings, building materials and cleaning products.)

Explore the Carlisle Collections to get the low down on feature items for each of our unique display home themes, and build your own Moodboard to create a visual diary of all the ‘must haves’ for your new place. And, because we promise you, you will be coming back for more, you can save all your favourites in your own Inspiration Book to share with friends and continue to refine, over and over again!
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Tamara Hosken

Spectra Showroom Manager

Tamara’s depth of experience in lighting and interiors shines through to every corner of the award winning Spectra Centre showroom.

Whether she’s meeting with suppliers to view new products or updating the displays with the latest design trends, Tamara loves watching and guiding the showroom experience and is always focused on a positive client experience. 'It’s inspiring to see and hear our customer’s excitement as they choose materials and products to create the home of their dreams.'

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