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Art work ideas for the nursery

by Carlisle Homes

Decorating your nursery is a great way to bond with your child even before the baby’s birth. The easiest way to embellish a space that complements the continued growth of your child, is to keep the palette neutral and transform the area with DIY or (depending on your budget) accents of individual pieces like hand crafted cots, personalised prints, luxe arm chairs, bookshelves and (removable) vinyl decals .

DIY Nerd Power
It’s never too early to teach your child the power of knowledge! Words and reading are a fabulous theme to incorporate into any child’s room and won’t break the budget. As Dr Seuss famously quipped ‘the more you know, the more places you will go!’. Using Studio Mela art prints for example, encourages your child to want to read and harbours self-belief. DIY bookshelves will grow with your baby too. Small touches can be sourced from Target and K-mart, which add texture to the room.


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The Tree of Life
Motifs are a great way of decorating the nursery. Funky, vinyl decal wall stickers add three dimensional depth and can be as bold or subtle as you desire. This is an easy DIY option when paired with curtains and rugs (Target or Ikea) plus baby blankets that compliment your theme. The overall effect adds real character to your personal masterpiece. Keep in mind though, you may need to re-decorate in time, to reflect the child’s age and personality, so if it’s a permanent painted collage, simple is best.ar2

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Statement Piece The nursery is more than just a place for your baby to sleep in. While nursing, it also becomes a place of bonding, so a comfotable corner for mum or dad to ‘chill’ in, is very important and quirky accents like the winged feathers can transform ordinary to extraordinary.art3

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Timeless Style
If it’s seamless, unfussy sophistication you are after, then you cannot go past definitive shades of white. Keep décor and accents on trend by thinking outside the box. Pops of colour, original features like the adorable tee-pee, prints, topical pillows, lampshades and bed-side tables, add layers of interest and uniqueness. The ensemble selection of individual pieces, creates a high-end space for your unborn child and slice of heaven for you.


Check out these nursery beauties on display in the Riva and the Piermont.

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