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An Organised Oasis

by Carlisle Homes

Turning your dream home into an organised oasis.

We’re guessing that having an organised and clutter-free home is quite high up there on your wish list. But a busy lifestyle with the demands of family, friends and work means that order can quickly descend into chaos in your household and keeping on top of things can feel like a losing battle.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Whatever stage you are at in the process of building your home, with a little forward planning there are easy ways to keep on top of the chaos. In this post, we’ll reveal some tricks of the trade for creating an organised oasis in 3 of your busiest spaces…

Montague Grand Kitchen as displayed at Woodlea Estate, Aintree

The Kitchen

The kitchen is hands down the most actively-used space in the house – therefore the most likely to get messy and disorganised throughout your busy day. The key is to keep your bench tops and surfaces clean and clear, ready for use when you most need them.

To achieve this is simply a matter of planning ahead with smart storage. And when it comes to the kitchen, you can never have enough.

Let’s start with your bench tops.

Have a think about the items you will have on show and which will be concealed. You may have a fancy coffee machine that would be a great bench top feature for instance, but let’s face it – your microwave will always look better behind a cupboard door.

An increasingly popular solution to avoiding bench top clutter is the butler’s pantry – these are hidden ‘prep’ zones where bulky appliances can be housed, alongside fixed utilities like a sink, dishwasher and maybe even a wine fridge.

If space and budget is restricted, consider how much cupboard, shelf or hanging space you would need for these items in order to keep your bench top clutter-free.

When thinking about storage for your food pantry, don’t stop at shelves and drawers – take it to the next level by categorizing the space into ‘Breakfast’, ‘Lunch’, ‘Dinner’ and ‘Snack’ zones. Labelled storage containers, magazine holders for tall items and mounted racks will help create order and make meal planning a breeze.

Montague Grand Bathroom as displayed at Woodlea Estate, Aintree

The Bathroom

A clear vanity bench top with limited products and appliances on display is equally important for your bathroom if you are aiming for an organised oasis.

Your best line of defence in a shared bathroom is for each user to have a designated space to keep their own gadgets and bathroom products (and make sure they’re aware it’s their responsibility to return everything to its right place after use!). Cupboard space can be divided with labelled tubs or baskets, or reserving a drawer for each family member is an efficient and diplomatic way to divide your vanity.

What about turning unused wall space into storage or display shelves with clever niches that sit between wall studs? As well as being a great way to squeeze more storage into smaller bathrooms, niches provide an efficient solution for housing your shower or bath products or keeping a supply of toilet rolls stocked in easy reach. The possibilities are endless!

Montague Grand Entry & Study as displayed at Woodlea Estate, Aintree

The Front Hall

Think about all the items you generally need when leaving the house, particularly if you have small kids in tow. Then think about all the things you have in your hands when you return home.

A clever storage space near the front door for handbags, school bags, shoes, coats, umbrellas and hats will keep all those items in the one spot – saving you from a mad dash around the house before you leave and your dining table or kitchen bench becoming a dumping ground when you return.

Depending on your available space you may consider a built in or free standing hall stand or coat rack, dresser, drawers, or perhaps a bench with a flip up seat for extra storage.

Over to you - how would you create an organised oasis in your home? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments. And please share this post if you have a friend who needs an organised oasis at their home!

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