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All about showers

by Carlisle Homes

Let’s talk about showers! Whether you employ the egg timer technique or the one song per shower in your family, we all know the importance of keeping our shower time to a minimum to reduce water wastage. All the more reason to make your shower time enjoyable with beautiful fittings and designer features for that luxury hotel-like experience. Tamara Spencer, Spectra Showroom Manager gives us the low down on all we need to know.

Shower screens
Semi-frameless shower screens give a minimalist feel to the bathroom space, ensuring the structure doesn’t over power the room. They are called this because they combine continuous slim edge frames, providing durability and strength to the shower screen while frameless pivot doors minimise visual interference. They can be much easier to maintain and clean than the old framed versions with less pokey corners to trap dirt and grime!


Montclair on display at Greenvale Gardens Estate, Greenvale


Canterbury on display at the Somerfield Estate, Keysborough

Shower heads
There are a number of factors to look at when choosing the right shower head for your new bathroom. On top of the visual aspects to create the style you are after, performance criteria should also be explored. Key considerations are; the type of shower experience you are after, who will be using the shower and how often it will be used. You will also need to check out the products’ WELS rating, the Australian water efficiency labelling scheme, which enables us to compare water efficiency of different products. Essentially, the more stars the more efficient the shower head is, with the potential to save thousands of litres per year, translating into longer-term savings for your household.


WELS product water rating labelling

Rail showers are a great versatile option for the whole family, with adjustable wall heights to suit kids, different height partners or for times when you don’t have time to wash your hair! In the single shower head configuration, the sleek look of the Vito Bertoni Moda slide rail with microphone shower head is a timeless understated look, with a 3 star WELS rating (9 litres per minute) for moderate efficiency. For a more organic less angular style, the rounded features of the Vito Bertoni Fresco, the clean lines of the Methven Kiri rail with Satinjet or the Caroma Essence range can create a definite impact to your bathroom or ensuite.


Vito Bertoni Moda slide rail with microphone shower head in the Illuka on display at Feaherbrook Estate, Point Cook and the Sacramento on display at Timbertop Estate, Officer

To step it up a bit more, you need to check out the dual flow shower options that incorporate diverters to enable seamless transition between the gentle overhead rainfall experience and the invigorating rail shower with adjustable pressures.  If curves aren’t your go then the square form of the Vito Bertoni Eco rail with the handheld microphone and rectangular shower dumper or the Phoenix Lexi Twin shower may be more in line with your style.


Vito Bertoni Eco rail with hand held microphone outlet and round shower dumper with diverter in the Montpellier on display at Selandra Rise Estate, Clyde North and Atlantique on display at Berwick Waters, Clyde North


Phoenix Lexi Twin Shower

For a real luxury hotel experience, double up with either two of the same shower sets for a symmetrical look, or combine the classic overhead rain shower experience with the separate rail for those that want it all!


Sorrento on display at Featherbrook Estate, Point Cook.

What is HOT right now…
Move over chrome, matt black tapware is the new kid on the block and it is causing a stir! You may have spotted the Phoenix Vivid rail shower in onix used by Cassie and Matt in the last season of House Rules in their twist on the classic black and white bathroom? Black shower heads and tapware
are definitely statement pieces that can really anchor your bathroom style.


Phoenix Vivid Twin Shower in onix

Feature tiled single shower walls are becoming popular in bathrooms and ensuites to break up expanses of neutral palettes and add new depths to the room. This is your chance to add a bit of personality to your bathroom, there a literally thousands of options, check out some of the mosaic and decorative tile galleries on the Beaumont Tiles website for some ideas.


Albany on display at Featherbrook Estate, Point Cook.

Little luxuries
Tiled niches provide the perfect solution to the shampoo and soap chaos that can gather in your shower space, adding a little bit of style and flair to your bathroom.


Left: The Block’s Darren and Dea mosaic feture shower wall with niche feature using Candy Black Ice Glass Mosaic from Beaumont Tiles. Right: Image sourced from Pinterest


Feature tiling on display at Spectra.

Cleaning tips
The key to cleaning your shower is stay on top of it! If left for too long between cleaning, stubborn areas will build up which can lead to staining. Check out some basic tile cleaning tips here, and refer to your home handover guide for information on regular care and maintenance. Glass showerscreens should be cleaned at least once per week to remove soap stains, which if left uncleaned can etch into the glass leaving permanent damage. For tips on cleaning door hinges and hardware check out the cleaning tips at Regency.


Sample of shower options on display at Spectra.

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