Inspire | 29 January 2021

A New Look For Kids’ Rooms

by Carlisle Homes

Time to switch on your imagination and get creative with your kids’ rooms!

With most new homes including a dedicated rumpus room or playing space where all the toys and games can live, children’s bedrooms are taking on a new look and purpose. In addition, with the popularity of renovation and DIY TV shows, kids these days have become little connoisseurs as to ‘what’s cool’ and can be quite particular with their own style.

Getting it right is all in the planning! Important to consider is the longevity of the décor, will the child grow out of a certain style quickly, so lean towards a neutral base with accessorised colour? Do you have a do it yourself attitude and want to make some of the décor pieces to create a truly unique look? Perhaps you have a favourite or sentimental piece of furniture or artwork that has inspired you and can set the theme for the room? A visit to Pinterest or popular smartphone app Home Love by Home Beautiful (as featured on House Rules) will get the creative juices flowing and start the imagination buzzing for décor ideas, colour schemes and quirky bed configurations.

Discover the world of wallpaper

Eye-catching wallpaper prints are all the buzz right now in kids’ rooms. Whilst covering all walls can end up being a more expensive exercise it does replace the need for artwork, which can balance the budget. Alternatively, choosing to wallpaper just one wall with an expressive print can be a more affordable way to achieve a striking look.

Cottesloe Bedroom as displayed at Minta Estate, Berwick

Add homemade touches

Make your child’s room even more unique and special by creating some of the décor pieces yourself! Don’t worry if you are new to the DIY scene, start small such as homemade bunting or experimenting with framed photos or images. It is worth checking out shopping sites like for some original wall decal ideas to add to the quirky feel. Side tables without drawers with a wooden crate or wicker basket added can create a different and interesting storage piece.

Artwork sets theme

A favourite piece of art is a great way to start the theme in a room. Start with a neutral canvas, then add pops of colour to really pack a punch in this children’s room. The beauty of this room style is the flexibility to easily change the look over time as your children grow, with different feature artwork linking to bold accessories such as cushions, bed linen and ornaments.

Macan Bedroom as displayed at Newhaven Estate, Tarneit

Designer baby

The arrival of a new baby is always a special time and there’s no better way to celebrate than with the ultimate dream nursery. Neutral in its palette, the beautiful and playful nursery has textured soft grey wall paper with soft colours introduced through white framed artwork. The tepee bassinet from Pure Baby with muslin draping is not only the perfect nest for your baby but also creates a central theme for the room. The inclusion of a stunning fabric pendant light perfectly balances the space and allows for a soft and calm light, perfect for baby.

Start neutral

Play it safe with a neutral base palette with subtle feature colours for a sophisticated yet still distinctly girly bedroom. This room with its restful and calm feel and romantic sheer curtains, can easily also cater for the extra guest on a busy family weekend.

Portland Bedroom as displayed at Cloverton Estate, Kalkallo

Eclectic and quirky

Unstructured looks full of personality are very on-trend right now. You don’t always have to buy brand new complete matching sets of furniture and bed linen. Build your children’s room style over time by collecting different pieces for a colourful and interesting space, and a great way to save money! Add eclectic style with pops of colour in the form of cushions, floor rugs, vintage toys and sticker wall art – a room oozing with personality!

Catering for the pre-teen

Always a tricky customer, the not-quite-child but not-quite-teenager! Start with a neutral colour palette and inject boldness through fun wallpaper. Introduce interesting artwork to add character and charm and break up the stripes with spotted linen, white and feature cushions completing the sophisticated look.

Coventry Bedroom as displayed at Highlands Estate, Craigieburn

The looks, styles and themes for children’s rooms are endless. The best place to start is to get the kids involved with a moodboard to collect all yours and their favourite ideas to create that perfect room just for them.

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