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A Designer's Checklist to Choosing an EasyLiving Floor Plan

by Carlisle Homes

Essential guide: Our superior EasyLiving homes for growing families.

At Carlisle, we believe in building ‘true’ 4-bedroom homes for all. This is why even our EasyLiving homes, designed to suit smaller blocks and tighter budgets, make no compromises. Our experienced team of designers carefully consider the factors that other builders fail to, resulting in homes that take no shortcuts and are better to live in.

Finalist for the 2021 HIA Best Display Home Up to $250,000, the Sterling 25 is one of 17 intelligent 4-bedroom single storey floorplans in our EasyLiving Series.

There are hundreds of 4-bedroom floorplans on the market. If you’ve never built a new home before, it can be hard to envisage which features will translate into a home that’s beautiful to live in, versus those features you’ll end up wishing were different once you’ve moved in. Luckily, our experienced Design Team has put together this handy checklist to help you compare 4-bedroom floorplans, so you can establish if you’re really getting a quality home and true value for your money.

The L-shaped kitchen of the Edgewood 23 provides ample bench space and a large island bench where the family can gather.

Let’s start in the kitchen

The two key things to look at in your kitchen are storage and bench space. At Carlisle, our EasyLiving 4-bedroom homes have been designed with either a generous galley style kitchen or an L-shaped kitchen, both showcasing ample bench space.

Our galley style kitchens feature one long benchtop running along the back wall, with an island benchtop including sink and dishwasher provision opposite. And in our L-shaped kitchens, you’ll find benchtops including your sink and appliances against two walls, plus a spacious, clear island bench opposite. 

When comparing floorplans, check the depth and total length of the kitchen’s benches, as this is something you can never have enough of. More bench space helps minimise clutter, makes preparing meals easier, and ensures there’s plenty of space for you and your family to gather. All our 4-bedroom designs also include a walk-in pantry to your kitchen, so there’s plenty of space to store food and appliances. Plus, many of our designs come with the option to upgrade to a butler’s pantry, adding even more functionality and practicality to your EasyLiving kitchen.

A dual basin vanity, featured here in the Beaumont 25 at Aurora, Wollert is a must-have for a functional and practical master ensuite.

Now let’s take a look at the master suite

When designed well, your master suite has the power to become your own personal oasis; the perfect place to retreat and relax after a busy day. The main elements to consider for your master suite are within the ensuite.

Check that your floorplan includes a dual basin vanity and a large shower, as well as a toilet with its own separate door. You should also ensure the floorplan includes a generous walk-in-robe to the master suite, so there’s plenty of space to comfortably store your clothes, shoes, accessories and more. Even if these little luxuries aren’t a big deal for you personally, they are very important for the resale value of your home, so it’s worth considering them now for the long-term benefit.

Look for generous bedroom sizes and a dedicated kids’ sleep wing. Pictured here is the Bridgewater 27 at Coridale, Lara.

Next, you should look closely at the secondary bedrooms

Firstly, consider the size of the bedrooms themselves. We can’t stress this one enough; we often see competitors compromise on the size of rooms for the sake of squeezing in a 4th bedroom. If a 4th bedroom is truly important to you, don’t compromise on size, make sure your floorplan includes generous bedrooms, and that they each have a built-in or walk-in-robe.

Secondly, think about where the bedrooms are in relation to each other, and the family bathroom. A well designed 4-bedroom home will position bedrooms 2, 3 & 4 near to each other and the family bathroom, forming a dedicated kids’ sleep wing. That way the kids are never far from each other, nor do they have to venture far in the middle of the night to use the loo!

Flooded with natural light and including a multi-access alfresco, the Bridgewater 27 at Coridale, Lara ticks all the boxes.

Some other key questions you should ask

When weighing up 4-bedroom floorplans from different builders you should ask the following questions:

  • Does the home design include a covered alfresco, double car garage and two full-sized living areas?
  • Is the laundry well-positioned with direct outdoor access, or will you have to walk through your house every time you need to hang out the washing?
  • Does the entry feel welcoming, or is it so narrow you can barely greet your guests?
  • Are there plenty of windows on both sides of the house? Natural light not only makes your home feel warm and bright, it also saves your energy bills from soaring.

Clever design details, such as the ‘stepped-in’ meals shown here, help create definition and make your spaces easier to furnish.

What makes a home truly wonderful to live in?

One of the hardest but most important things to evaluate is the furnish-ability of the home. At Carlisle, our designers incorporate signature design details into our homes that help make our spaces easier to furnish and therefore better to live in. For example, many of our designs include a ‘stepped-in’ treatment to the meals area of the open plan living/meals zone. This design feature allows you to easily centre your dining table within the meals zone and provides a small nook to mark the best position for your living room sofa. Even more importantly, this clever design element helps to make a distinction between the two spaces without compromising on open-plan living. It gives the spaces their own sense of purpose and ensures the room doesn’t become a ‘hotch-potch’ of bits and pieces.

Discover our four-bedroom EasyLiving floor plan.

With our Designer’s Checklist in hand, you can now confidently compare 4-bedroom floorplans and find the best design for you and your family. We have 17 single storey 4-bedroom EasyLiving floorplans for you to explore. Check them out here!

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