Inspire | 19 July 2016

5 Tips for Using Bold Feature Colours

by Carlisle Homes

As with all things cyclical, fashion trends weave in and out of decades, stamping their own particular modern take on every era.

Interior design is always on the runway pulse and follows colour palette and texture religiously. The cat-walk renaissance of “gothic” striking hues, is harking back to the seventies, where bold, dare we say, liberating feature shades of significant pop are making a dramatic comeback. Let’s explore five ways of marrying bold colours into your décor, while keeping the accent classically timeless.

Gothic Pop Shock

Re-cycling heritage and or existing older features can be a great way of rejuvenating the design of your home and twisting the old into the fashionable new. Incorporating bold hues within the configuration of the existing structures, will inject an eclectic pulse into your home – all it takes is a little creative splash of colour and individual keepsakes, that reflect your personal style.

Images found at the Piermont Master Suite as displayed at Highlands Estate, Craigieburn.

Larger than Life

Bold feature walls may minimalise the size of an actual room, so if you are working with a large living area for entertaining, or high ceiling, then going completely dark and moody with bulky pieces of art, will most definitely transform the outsized area into a showroom and create a sophisticated elegant space that will maintain a timeless edge and warmth.

Cottesloe Entry as displayed at Minta Estate, Berwick

Soft Infusion of Colour

If a neutral colour palette is still your choice of interior design then embracing current trends via striking pieces that vibrantly pop with colour, will be the way to go. Statement sofas or chairs combined with artwork, plants and lamps, will give your home a warm trendy feel, without the regret of using a dark colour that will see you running back to the drawing board.

Cottesloe Study as displayed at Minta Estate, Berwick

Colour Bond Art

If expressing your unique style and striking colour scheme has long been a dream of yours, then there is no better time to experiment with bold feature walls, combined with bright artwork, funky lamps and cushions to energize each room with chic panache and look as though the space has jumped of the latest page of vogue living.

Cottesloe Activity as displayed at Minta Estate, Berwick

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