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5 simple steps for linen cupboard order

by Carlisle Homes

That image comes to mind of the manoeuvre to get something out of your over-stuffed linen cupboard while holding back the endless items of clutter that seem determined to break free! Or the time when you have a guest to stay and they ask for an extra towel, ‘that’s okay I can get it myself’…NOOOOOOO, DON’T OPEN THAT CUPBOARD!

I’m not sure what happens in that cupboard once the door is shut, it’s like the linen and towels and such, have a life of their own! But I do know that like most habitual chores, creating a space that minimalises clutter and restores a sense of balance and harmony, can take the edge off what is a universal necessity. We have 5 appealing linen press ideas that will help eliminate the drudgery and turn it into a funky DIY project that sees you controlling the linen press, rather than vice-versa.

1.  Start with a declutter cleanse!
This is where the process all starts. Remove everything from your linen cupboard, and get right back to the bare shelves. Be brutal and sort into piles for keeping, donating and throwing out or upcycle for cleaning rags. Now focusing on the stuff you’re keeping, have a think about stuff you need every day access to and items that are more seasonal.

2.  Store and Order
Co-ordinate sheets, pillow cases, doona covers and towels etc. into colour schemes and as you remove and replace items, keep the pattern simple and the same. It only takes a little while to retrain the brain into sensible habits, hence, you won’t be tearing your hair out every time you walk past the linen closet. A great DIY trick to keeping bed sheet sets together and uniform, is folding matching sheets into neat piles then placing them into one of the pillow cases from that set. This way you will always see what you have handy, and ready to dress a bed or even the guest room should unexpected visitors arrive.


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3.  Basket case
Sealable tubs are great for packing away the flannel sheets once the weather turns, keeping them fresh and out of the way. And, you can never have too many baskets! They can be a sneaky way to hide bits and pieces that will contradict your new organised look.


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4.  Labels, labels and more labels
Here’s a linen hack that will have you smiling like a Cheshire cat with how clever you are! Add labels to your linen cupboard to make it easy for other household members (ummm who else even knows about this cupboard?) and guests to find what they are after. Whether they are labels on the shelves or DIY cloth tags on your sheet sets, you will find yourself visiting your linen cupboard more often just to gloat on the organised gloriousness!


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5.  Keep it fresh
Now here’s a tip only for linen cupboard organisation experts, keep your sheets and towels smelling fresh and avoid that musty smell by adding some fresh lavender in a muslin bag. Maintain that just off the clothes line freshness with a fragrant cake of soap, or a diffuser with essential oils, and this linen spray from Adairs is worth checking out.

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