13 May 2016

5 Hot crafts for a unique home style

by Carlisle Homes

With increasing frequency, we hear interior style jargon like Scandinavian design, minimalistic accessorising and retro-shabby chic, seeping into our collective psyche. One could be forgiven for feeling out of one’s depth at the sorts of trends that undeniably, could, dent the ‘hip-pocket’ nerve. But like most fashions crazes, imitation is the best form of flattery, and if you are looking for something a little more unique, as opposed to staple classics, the options are endless and the forums available for inspiration, are nothing short of spectacular. Here are five great ideas on how YOU can stamp your own individuality in your home.

Mirror - Mirror
Re-cycled wood or old fence pails, sanded down and varnished with a coat of clear or tinted lacquer, are a great way to frame a mirror. Mounted in any room of the house, mirrors are a great way to cheat the actual size of a room and create a greater sense of scope and added space, especially in smaller areas.

craft 1

Images found at (left) shanty-2-chic.com (middle) lindevegen.no (right) www.sawdustgirl.com

Succulent Sensations - Indoors and Out
Succulents provide a soothing aesthetic to a home and fill the space with a sense of well-being and harmony. Dead logs can be revived after a Sunday drive, sculpted (or hacked) depending on your expertise with a hammer and chisel and lined with plastic containers to maintain moisture in the soil. Ladders are an innovative, three dimensional way of creating a private sanctuary indoors or out.

craft 2

Images found at (left) vintagedesign.blogspot.com (middle) houzz.com (right) justimagine-dailydose.com

Macrame Mix’n’Match
Like all things stepped in vogue and defined by a generation, the magnifisence of on trend macrame is definetly having its rebirth. Macrame has firmly re-surfaced as a versatile, easy DIY feature accent, that can be as simple or extravagant as you like or the space within the room allows for.

craft 3

Images found at (left) hannashantverk.blogspot.se (middle) witandwhistle.com (right) akamatras.blogspot.gr (far right) feedly.com

Picture This
In a world where digital media has all but killed the tactile sensation of printed photos, quirky DIY picture frames may be the ticket to add real wow factor to your home; while filling it with priceless memories. Add trays of shells or mason jars filled with oceanic themed bits-and-bobs, to ensure the personalised space screams a-list adulation.

craft 4

Images found at (left) lovechicliving.com (middle) www.typesofweed.com (right) classycounrtystore.com

Hidden Treasures
Every parent believes their child has the potential to be a Picasso in the making and rightly so…sometimes all it takes is framing a series of hand drawn pictures or staged shots, using a themed prop like the sea, to transform a room into a unique, personal gallery. Throw in a few DIY (low maintenance) succulent atriums, and you have a very interesting space indeed.

craft 6

Images found at (left) Etsy.com (middle) homesthetics.net (right) Inspire Gallery by Carlisle (far right) chasingthegreenfaerie.tumblr.com

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