Inspire | 8 November 2017

5 Easy Style Tips You Need to Know

by Carlisle Homes

Ever wondered how some people just seem to have that style gene? They effortlessly arrange the vignette of ‘stylish’ trinkets they collected on their last holiday, on the ‘stylish’ vintage hall table they found at the flea market, partnered with the ‘stylish’ statement lamp they scored from Kmart. So easy – NOT!

Danielle Taylor, Head Stylist at Carlisle has shared the secret these ‘stylish’ people know, and it doesn’t seem that hard! Here are her 5 tips to styling like a professional.

1. Timeless styling

Whether it’s pineapple ornaments, cactus lamps, word art or cool colour themes from The Block, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest interior styling fads. While it can be fun to include some of these on trend items in your home, especially if they are low investment purchases, if your entire home is styled with pineapple motifs then there is the risk that you will be trapped in a time warp. Think orange laminate in your nanna’s kitchen, and you get the picture! The tip is to focus on the neutral schemes, that can easily be layered with pops of colour and texture, to stand the test of time.

Redcliffe Meals as displayed at Woodlea Estate, Aintree

2. Be true to you

The tip here is, don’t force it! Your home styling needs to be a true reflection of your personality, it’s an extension of what you love in life and the value you place on the sanctity of home. Of course, it is okay to introduce elements you like from decor magazines, DIY TV shows and Pinterest, but stop yourself from imitating someone else’s style – it’s your home not theirs!

Piermont Activity as displayed at Attwell Estate, Deanside

3. Statement pieces are okay, but….

A statement piece could be a large or vibrant piece of art, a geometric rug, a bold armchair or even an oversized indoor plant, and can really anchor a room and create a lovely energy centre point. BUT, most rooms can’t cope with more than one statement piece, and most houses don’t need one in every room. The tip here is choose carefully, as statement pieces and the partner furniture can be expensive to change and not something you want to do often. If it works, items like artwork, plants and lamps work well, and can be re-located if rooms need a change.

4. Go green for tranquillity

While previous tips have mentioned not forcing a style, this is not the case when it comes to introducing greenery in your home. You need plants in your home, and that is the best advice you will get. Speak to your nursery, do your research, and find options that are hard to kill, and before you know it, you will be including one in every room. Life will feel calmer, your home energy will be in synch and you will be on trend, winning on all levels.

Beaumont Rumpus as displayed at Rathdowne Estate, Wollert

5. Collect, collate, and cull

Scrapbooking is not just for the select crafty folk, it has a real place in the world of interior styling. And, thanks to online tools like Pinterest and Instagram, you can collect ideas on the go, and easily share with friends. Take photos of styles you like, pages from magazines, and bookmark websites you find useful and start to create your very own style gallery. Here’s our tip, don’t forget to cull as you go! De-cluttering is not a fad, it’s a real thing, and your moodboard is no exception. Keep your collections live and current by removing items you’ve moved on from.

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