Inspire | 20 February 2019

5 Designer Tips to Styling Your New Home on a Tight Budget

by Carlisle Homes

Even on a tight budget, there’s no need to compromise on the styling elements of your home. You can still create a stylish and inviting home that you absolutely love.

The trick is to make your decorating dollars stretch.

Our interior designers share some of their top hacks to have your house looking great on a budget.

Follow the leaders

Following your favourite brands and design influencers on social media is a great way to get inspiration and keep up with the trends.

It’s also an opportunity to grab a good deal and ‘get the look for less’ – keeping up with your favourite brands puts you first for their social media promotions and exclusive sales.

Follow your faves on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to be first in line for the latest looks and special offers.

Go lean and green like the Entry as displayed at Newhaven Estate, Tarneit

Go lean and green

For a clean, chic look clear your surfaces of unnecessary clutter and fill the space with indoor plants.

Indoor plants are hugely popular right now and for good reason: not only do they add life and colour to your home, they’re also good for you! Plants lift your mood and filter the air of pollutants – what’s not to love about that?

Lacking a green thumb? Then go for hardy green varieties such as devils ivy or peace lily, or – if keeping plants alive is really not your thing – there are some incredibly lifelike faux plants on the market these days (we won’t tell).

Choose pre-loved

Buying second hand will not only save you heaps on high quality pre-loved pieces, it’s good for the planet as well. And you’re guaranteed to end up with unique pieces that will make your interior stand out from the rest.

As well as frequenting your local op shops, a fantastic way to find hidden treasures is to check out auction houses. Or cover more ground online by searching for what you need on sites such as eBay, Gumtree or Facebook’s buy, swap & sell pages – just make sure you’re looking in your area for the bigger items to avoid paying shipping costs.

Our Crompton living area as displayed at Aurora Estate, Wollert.

Don't buy - DIY!

Upcycling is the new recycling – often the things you’ve already got at home are fine, they just need a tweak to make them fresh.

Take a look at your existing furniture with an eye for opportunity. Is there anything you have that can be revamped and reused?

Bring your old dining table back to life with a sand and varnish, or paint to match your new colour scheme.

Give an old cabinet a facelift with a quick coat of paint and some cute new knobs.

A quick google search will bring you thousands of clever and thrifty DIY ideas for making the most of your existing furniture.

Create your own wall art (no talent necessary!)

Decorating a big white empty wall in a style and colour that matches your taste doesn’t mean you need to pay thousands for original artwork. You can create your own! Just like in our activity area displayed at Kaduna Park Estate, Officer South.

All you need is a stretched canvas frame and a scroll through the catalogue of your preferred fabric designer or fabric shop - cover the frame with a fabulous fabric design and simply staple the fabric at the back.

If you change your mind or decide to redecorate in a year’s time, it’s as easy as picking out another beautiful fabric! This is one of our favourite tips for keeping your home décor fresh and on trend with a shoestring budget. While you’re at it, why not buy some extra fabric in contrasting colours or patterns and make some cushions for your couch. It’s that easy!

Want more inspiration and styling ideas for your home? Visit our Interior Styles page for our full range of stylish interiors.

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