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2015 interior design style predictions

by Carlisle Homes

Trying to nail your new interior design style for 2015?  Our advice is to not try too hard to pioneer the latest interior design fads, tone it down, get back to nature and go simple!  Remember it’s your home and the number one focus should be on creating a comfortable space for your family to enjoy.

Relaxed style
Comfy living areas with oversized sofas, big cushions and fluffy throws creating a space for the whole family to stretch out together, is a trend that will only grow in popularity this year.  A practical focus on relaxed comfortable spaces will see the formal living spaces continue to diminish.

The Vaucluse on display at Somerfield Estate Keysborough

Frames of contrast
Although Carlisle Homes has been doing this for a few years now we continue to see an interior trend with the use of black window frames in residential homes. Making a contrasting bold statement rather than blending in with wall colours.  Surprisingly, black frames can also create an optical illusion by making the frames seem to disappear highlighting your focus to the view outside!

ResizedImage600335 Predictions1

Riva on display at Berwick Waters Clyde North

Go green
Can you believe it? Indoor plants are back on the design agenda! Oversized plants in pots becoming even more popular than before.  Be bold with a beautiful potted fiddle leaf fig tree or a delicate chain of hearts with romantic tendrils to add a real organic and back to basics design scheme.  Succulents as centre pieces or touches of colour in the bathrooms are another way to inject a green feel.

ResizedImage600384 Predictions2

(images sourced from The Design Files)

Shine with metals
Metallics will continue to creep into the limelight to add that little bit of glam and shine to your rooms.  Think metallic cushions, copper shag rugs, mirrors and light fittings, pair with natural materials for a great contrast. Don’t be afraid to mix your metallics for a dramatic effect.  The key is to use as an accent effect, don’t go overboard!  The great thing about interior styling with accessories is that it is really easy to replace if your creative direction changes!

ResizedImage600336 Predictions3

Subtle use of metallics in the Indiana at Somerfield Estate, Keysborough

ResizedImage600339 Predictions4

Stunning copper pendant lighting from Dunlin and stunning metallic cushions from The Pottery Barn

Matt finish
Create a new depth to your room styles with the use of matte finished door handles, power points and light switches.  With the emerging trend to pare elements back for a more neutral industrial look, a matte finish adds that rustic raw element for a signature look.

Organic features
Manmade bespoke furniture pieces continue to be popular using natural or organic materials.  We will see beautiful bedheads and occasional chairs in contemporary neutral tones as well as fun bright colour or pastel palettes. 

ResizedImage600336 Predictions5

Cambridge at the Atherstone Estate

Structured patterns
Geometric patterns in floor rugs, artwork and tiling continue to be a popular style theme, turning your room features into pieces of artwork.  Think more than stripes, textures, patterns, hexagons, 3D effects are right in vogue this year.  We’ve seen some amazing textures and bold patterns in the Beaumont range, check out some their inspirations here.

ResizedImage600336 Predictions6

Sanctuary on display at the Somerfield Estate, Keysborough 

ResizedImage600337 Predictions7

Matisse on display at Selandra Estate, Clyde North

ResizedImage600336 Predictions8

Textured timber look tiles in the Thompson on display at Trillium Estate, Mickleham.

Smoked glass
Tinted or smoked glass dining, coffee and hall tables in place of clear glass is predicted as an upcoming new interior trend for 2015.  This sleek style partners perfectly with both natural and dark stained timber features for an elegant and contemporary look.

ResizedImage600337 Predictions9

Canterbury on display at Somerfield Estate, Keysborough

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