$5k is All You Need

Pay only $5,000 until your slab is poured!

‘$5K deposit’ offer means customers will pay only $5,000 from when the initial deposit is received until the base stage payment. The '$5K deposit' offer is only applicable to new Affinity Collection & T-Range clients who deposit from 1 September 2018 on any Carlisle Homes design and who have obtained an unconditional approval with Loan Studio for their home loan finance. Customers who choose to use an alternative finance provider will be required to pay all deposits up to the full 5% of the contract value upon signing the HIA New Homes Building contract. Customers eligible for the '$5K deposit' who confirm Loan Studio as their broker prior to site start will be required to pay the remainder of the 5% of the contract value at the completion of the base stage, as well as their base stage invoice amount. If the customer choses to not use Loan Studio at any time prior to site start they will be required to pay the balance of 5% of the Contract value before Carlisle Homes commences the build. For customers purchasing Affinity and T-Range home designs, the '$5K deposit' offer comprises of a $2,000 initial deposit, and $3,000 payable at the Tender appointment. Carlisle may change the pricing, promotion or any offers without notice for customers who have not paid the initial deposit. Please speak to a Sales Consultant for further details. © 2019 Carlisle Homes Pty Ltd. ABN 86 106 263 209. Registered Building Practitioner CDB-U50143.

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