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Danielle Taylor

With over 25 years experience in residential building, it’s no wonder Danielle’s colleagues are in awe of her ability to continually create new and on-trend interior colour schemes for the Carlisle display homes.

However Danielle’s passion for creating beautiful interior and exterior design themes doesn’t stop at selecting colours. Danielle wants the display homes to not only look beautiful but also be attainable for our customers. Her days are spent researching and selecting the perfect furniture pieces, decorator items, wallpaper, lighting and fittings to create a complete home they could move straight into.

“Sometimes you need to see something on display to realise what you like. I love that our displays inspire our clients decisions on furniture layouts, lighting and colour to complete their dream home”.

Discover Danielle's Insights

WindowDressing Banner
Nov 18 ‘14 Danielle Taylor

Window dressing

For many, the window coverings and furnishings are the very last job on the to-do list, a task to manage once you have moved into the home.

Apr 15 ‘15 Danielle Taylor

Mastering the perfect bedding style

Apparently we spend almost a third of our lives in bed, so it makes total sense to spend some design time styling your linen.

Rug Banner 1.47.01 PM
Aug 20 ‘14 Danielle Taylor

Your guide to choosing the perfect rug…

The variety of stunning rug products available means that the old ‘foot warmer’ is now more than just a practical floor protector but considered a versatile décor element for any...

Sep 10 ‘14 Danielle Taylor

Decorating and styling with mirrors…

We have been using mirrors for their practical application as well as interior décor elements for thousands of years.

KitchenPlaning Banner
Oct 28 ‘14 Danielle Taylor

Planning your dream kitchen

Gone are the days where the kitchen was just for cooking, guests stayed tucked away in the living areas, not setting foot in the ‘work zone’.

Summer Banner
Nov 25 ‘14 Danielle Taylor

Keep your cool in summer

From all reports we are in for a summer scorcher this year! While most of us love the hot summer days with endless BBQs, kids playing under sprinklers and trips to...

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