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Danielle Taylor

With over 25 years experience in residential building, it’s no wonder Danielle’s colleagues are in awe of her ability to continually create new and on-trend interior colour schemes for the Carlisle display homes.

However Danielle’s passion for creating beautiful interior and exterior design themes doesn’t stop at selecting colours. Danielle wants the display homes to not only look beautiful but also be attainable for our customers. Her days are spent researching and selecting the perfect furniture pieces, decorator items, wallpaper, lighting and fittings to create a complete home they could move straight into.

“Sometimes you need to see something on display to realise what you like. I love that our displays inspire our clients decisions on furniture layouts, lighting and colour to complete their dream home”.

Discover Danielle's Insights

Carlisle christmas inspiration blog
Nov 18 ‘16 Danielle Taylor

Traditional Christmas trees are so 2015

When it comes to Christmas trees, we typically think we only have a couple of options, artificial or traditional pine – but why not embrace your inner creative flare this...

Apr 30 ‘15 Danielle Taylor

Making a grand entrance

Your key objective for your new home, apart from creating a comfortable and safe haven for your family, is to create a statement in your new street for all the...

Rug Banner 1.47.01 PM
Aug 20 ‘14 Danielle Taylor

Your guide to choosing the perfect rug…

The variety of stunning rug products available means that the old ‘foot warmer’ is now more than just a practical floor protector but considered a versatile décor element for any...

Predictions Banner
Mar 25 ‘15 Danielle Taylor

2015 interior design style predictions

Trying to nail your new interior design style for 2015?  Our advice is to not try too hard to pioneer the latest interior design fads, tone it down, get back...

BenchtopBlog Banner
Jun 17 ‘15 Danielle Taylor

Choosing the benchtops

It just makes sense that the area in your new home where you will spend most of your time, the real nucleus of the home, is also the design space...

Storage Banner
Oct 21 ‘14 Danielle Taylor

Home storage ideas

Moving into a brand new home is the perfect time to take a good look at all the ‘stuff’ you have collected throughout the years and decide whether it has...

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