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Spring entertaining

by Carlisle Homes

There is so much to look forward to now that Spring is upon us! The dark days start to fade, everything is in bloom, summer is just around the corner, and daylight saving time means that outdoor entertaining is back on the cards! If you’re planning a Spring racing party at your place or just kicking off the social season, check out these fun entertaining tips to really wow your guests.

Whether it is a simple BBQ or something a bit more flash, you can’t go wrong with a centrepiece. Think outside the square and opt for a practical piece with delectable delights that look great and have the first course covered! A growing centrepiece with succulent pots or micro herbs really typifies the spring season, and can be rolled out for each occasion, no having to worry about a trip to the florist each time.


Images sourced from (left) Martha Stewart, (right)

Take it down…
A boho picnic is so easy to create, you just need some imagination (and a Pinterest account!). Re-locate your collection of floor rugs from inside, mix and match for the iconic gypsy style with as many cushions as you can muster! Tea light lanterns and strings of party lights in the trees can make for the perfect mellow ambiance. We’ve all wanted to go to one of these soirees, so take the plunge!


Images sourced from (left) Spell and the Gypsy Collective, (right) B. Lovely Events

Go eclectic
The vintage trend isn’t going away any time soon, so get on board! But, whatever you do, don’t try too hard – genuine vintage means op shops and garage sales, and matching is not cool! Keep your old Vegemite and jam jars, to use as vases and planters of all shapes and sizes.


Images sourced from (left) Vibe Ke Design, (middle left) SA Décor and Design, (middle right) Martha Stewart, (right) Boho Weddings & Life

Seamlessly transition your garden party lunch into the evening with a scattering of festive lighting. Tiny LED lighting on copper wire looks great in mason jars or under bell jars to create a mystical mood. Or for a more traditional look have your tea lights in lanterns ready to fire up as soon as the sun dips down.


Images sourced from (left) (middle) In My Own Style, (right) Sanctuary on display at Somerfield Estate, Keysborough

Cosy up
Everyone loves to gather around a fire! A fire pit, as the Spring night air creeps in, is the perfect way to bring your guests together for some serious mingling! If you don’t really have the backyard for a permanent pit, the moveable kits from Bunnings can be a great option – easily packed away when not in use. What a great way to end a Spring entertaining session with toasted marshmallows over a crackling fire, your guests may never leave!


Images sourced from (left) Style Me Pretty, (right) Venetian Clay Fire Pit from Bunnings

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